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The ATF has ceased issuances of new opinion letters to any company who has submitted or will be submitting samples for determination for their “non-firearm” items.

JSD supply sent an email to the ATF inquiring about its request for an opinion letter from the Firearms Ammunition Technology Division (FATD) in regards to their products. The company products that are in limbo are: (1) unfinished S&W M&P, (2) CZ Scorpion Evo, & (3) SIG Sauer P365 products. The ATF informed JSD that FATD will not be issuing any new opinion letters on frames or receivers until a decision is made by the ATF. The email from the ATF to JSD Supply was succinct and to the point. In the email it states, “With the notice of proposed rule making definition of a frame or receiver those evaluations are currently on hold.”

The push for redefining the definition of a firearm and receiver stems from President Biden’s executive order on the matter. In which he orders the ATF to propose a rule to stop the proliferation of “ghost guns”. The term “ghost gun” is a misnomer to categorize a weapon that is built from home for personal use and not serialized. The Administration wants more governmental control, regulation, and serialization of “ghost guns”.

As, we are aware of the proposed rule change on what is defined as receiver or a firearm. This rule change is mainly geared towards the ATF wanting to serialize 80% parts and 80% parts kit. While also limiting your ability to personal build a firearms at our homes. A little over a month ago the ATF opened up the comments on the proposed rule change on definitions of a firearm and receiver. As, of the writing of this story their are over 51,000 comments submitted with a 30-day period. Leaving about two months for people to leave a comment on the proposed rule change. Until the completion of the commentary part of this proposed rule changes issuances of opinions are on hold.

What do you think of proposed rule change by the ATF? Have you left a comment on the Federal Register website yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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