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By Drew Bryant
May 14th, 2022,

MDT Sporting Goods has recently acquired Long Range Arms, a company which is well known for its Send-It electronic levels. The electronic level is designed with long-range precision shooters in mind as a anti-cant device. Allowing you to keep your rifle perfectly level from shot to shot. Which could provide a great tool in your arsenal as a precision shooter.

Below, is the press release from MDT Sporting Goods discussing the Acquisition of Long Range Arms.

Press Release

MDT Sporting Goods is excited to announce the acquisition of Long Range Arms, a market leader in electronic shooting levels. Long Range Arms (LRA) are best known for their Send-iT series of electronic shooting levels and produce other products such as Palma sights.

Send-iT electronic levels quickly attach to a MIL-STD 1913/Picatinny rail and feature a series of LED lights that are easier to view with peripheral vision and are ideal for low light conditions. Send-iT levels are calibrated using 12 different axis points and allow the end-user to calibrate for their optical system. The Send-iT level has five different sensitivity settings and can be configured for multiple rifles or spotting systems. Send-iT level will indicate level 3-5 seconds faster than mechanical levels.

MDT Sporting Goods is proud to add Long Range Arms to their growing family of innovative companies. CEO Maarten Van Ruitenburg states, “MDT passionately designs and acquires product designs that help people shoot better. The LRA electronic levels achieve that perfectly.

What do you think of MDT’s acquisition of Long Range Arms? Has anyone ever used any of Long Range Arms products? Let us know in the comments below.

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