By Drew Bryant
June 6th, 2022,

Seventy-eight years ago today was a moment in time that defined a generation. A moment where the actions of brave and courageous men would echo through history and eternity. A moment in time where these men would understand the everlasting and fleeting concepts of time and space. Understand grim dualities between life and death. Hope and exhaustion. To witness the evil and treacherous souls of war and man. To witness the beauty of humanity and hope. These men witnessed emotions, ideas, and concepts on a level that most of us will never have the ability to fathom. These young men who fought bravely on those beaches witnessed the duality of the strength and fragility of the human experience. These men have insight to humanity philosophers only dream about.

On the morning of June 6th, we stormed the beaches of Normandy, as apart of an allied assault of 156,000 allied troops. On this day seventy-eight years ago we lost 2,500 American soldiers in the fight for freedom during the blood battles upon the beachheads of Normandy. The blood of your young men eternally stained upon the shores of France. Some of their bodies would never return home. Their blood and body now lay there as a memorial to their sacrifice for this great nation. These men hopes, dreams, and fears died with them upon those blood beachheads of Normandy. Losing the ability of live long and productive lives. Yet, giving their all that future generations can partake in the wealth of the American dream with their sacrifice.

Now, is the time to take a step back from our lives and honor the memory of our fallen soldiers. On the beachheads of Normandy, these men laid down their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear. These young and idealistic men walked into the heart of darkness so liberty, freedom, and the individual could live free. Without the burdens and oppression of tyrannical governments. The men who fought on June 6, 1944, understood they were fighting for ideals greater than themselves. Ideals that were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect. These men were the best of us and embody the hope and strength of the American people.

Today, America stands at a pivotal time again in our history. We are in a time where we are more divided than united. A time when many choose to defame their sacrifice of these men and the freedom and liberty they so dearly fought to defend. We are in a time where we have forgotten the sacrifices that these men made upon that French beach in the summer of 1944. That these sacrifices made upon this day guaranteed the freedoms that we have now.

Today, all Americans should take a moment of remembrance and honor for our fallen dead. It is because of their blood spilled on the beaches of Normandy we can partake in the freedoms we have today. We must understand and never forget that the freedom we enjoy here in this nation was in great peril during the conflict of World War II. Nazi Germany, France, and Imperial Japan sought to put the people and nations of this world under authoritarian rule. Making us subject to their rule of law and systems of oppression. The brave men of World War II fought to make sure that reality never happened and to defend the ideals of freedom, liberty, and peace. This is a moment to honor and remember that sacrifice. Take a moment and honor them on a day that defined a generation. A day that was so pivotal to America’s future.

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