By Drew Bryant
December 8th, 2022,

Over the last couple of years, we have seen more and more firearm manufacturers release their line of suppressors. A little over a month ago Daniel Defense released its Wave lineup of suppressors. FN America has stepped into the arena and recently released the FN Rush 9Ti pistol suppressor. The new suppressor is a dedicated 9mm can that is designed to mitigate gas blowback into the shooter’s face.

Below, is the press release from FN America on the new FN Rush 9Ti suppressor.

Press Release

(McLean, VA – December 6, 2022) FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of its first commercial pistol suppressor, the FN Rush™ 9Ti. This highly reliable, durable, and versatile 9mm pistol suppressor is made from lightweight Titanium-hybrid construction and was developed for an unmatched shooting experience with the FN 509 tactical line of pistols and other 1/2×28”-threaded firearms. The unique booster assembly, blast baffle and baffle stack design provide a tight gas piston seal and even gas distribution that flows the gases forward to deliver reduced blowback to the user’s face, reduces recoil, and provides effective sound suppression.

Perfected for performance with the FN 509 tactical line of pistols and other 9mm hosts, the FN Rush 9Ti delivers smooth, reliable function while maintaining the accuracy standards that FN owners depend upon. The overall slim design and lightweight Titanium-hybrid construction provide the perfect counterbalance to reduce recoil and maintain a clear sight picture with suppressor-height sights. The simple design also breaks down maintenance with the included front/end cap assembly tools.

The included 1/2×28” booster assembly is unique and is the smallest, most lightweight on the market. Its tight gas piston seal along with the unique gas flow through the blast chamber and baffle stack perfectly time the gas flow back into the firearm and through the suppressor tube. This enables near-neutral impact to slide cycle speeds that drastically improve reliability, allowing users to have a more enjoyable shooting experience with dependable feeding and extraction across a wide array of commercial loads from light training rounds to subsonic loads. Additionally, the design dramatically improves system durability with reduced back pressure into the firearm, thus reducing overall wear and tear along with felt recoil.

“When selecting a suppressor, customers often have to choose between effective sound suppression, reduced blowback, or felt recoil; you very rarely get all in one,” said John Ryan, Director of Product Management for FN America, LLC. “Our team developed a suppressor that delivers an unmatched shooting experience straight from the box. You no longer have to settle for one or the other with the Rush 9Ti.”

The FN Rush 9Ti is a highly reliable, durable, and versatile 9mm suppressor that can mount easily to any 1/2×28” host and doesn’t compromise on sound suppression, gas blowback, or recoil.

FN Rush 9Ti Specs

Caliber: 9mm
Length: 7.3″
Tube Diameter: 1.375″
Weight: 10.8 oz.
Piston: 1/2″x28 TPI
Materials: Titanium, stainless steel, & Aluminum
Finish: HT Cerakote™

The new Rush 9Ti is available now on the Silencer Shop’s website. The new suppressor retails for $849 MSRP with a $200 tax stamp included it will run you a little over $1,000 for FN’s new pistol suppressor. For more on the Rush and FN’s other products, click here.

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