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By Drew Bryant
May 12th, 2023,

First Spear and Treadswift have collaborated to create the Lightweight Assault Ghillie or LWAG for short. The LWAG is a lightweight concealment cloak that can be used to disrupt visual, infrared, and thermal identification of a subject. The new Ghillie cloak can also be granished with vegetation as well or as is.

Below is the product description on the LWAG from Firsf Spear’s website.

Product Description

The LWAG is sure to be your favorite lightweight concealment cloak! Developed in conjunction with Treadswift, this cloak has all the features you need to disrupt visual, infrared, or thermal detection. Crafted with lightweight and weather resistant mesh, and featuring the reliable Trelleborg combination patterning, this cloak is adjustable to suit your needs – big enough to cover whatever equipment you may have, but still easy to stow on a pack or load carriage. Plus it comes with an underarm stretch cord and a security strap in front that can be adjusted for height and girth – making sure the hood of the LWAG stays securely in place with those large smock style buttons. Get the LWAG today and let the innovative technology outsmart any predator.

Key Points:

• Lightweight

• Weather resistant

• Stretch cord for underarm

• Covers Equipment

The LWAG from First Spear and Treadswift is available now and retails for $307.67 on First Spear’s website. For more on the LWAG, click here.

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