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Henry Unveils New Big Boy Revolvers and .360 Buckhammer Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms is well-known for its iconic lever action rifles. The Henry rifle can trace its design back a century and a half ago as Americans expanded West. The Henry repeating rifle was one of the iconic firearms that helped conquer the West. Now, Henry is stepping outside of their comfort zone and producing their first revolver. Henry is proud to announce the new Henry Big Boy Revolvers.


The Iconic Colt Python Returns

The final Colt Python rolled out of Colt’s Custom Gun Shop back in 2005 with the end of limited production. Six years before that Colt ceased the official production of the Colt Python. The Python was premier revolver in Colt’s lineup with a reputation of superior quality and craftsmanship. Now, after 15 years the iconic Colt Python returns.