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By Drew Bryant
November 16, 2022,

Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) and the John Wick series have ushered in an action-movie renaissance in the film industry. The John Wick series is filled with engaging characters, rich story lore, amazing action set pieces, and amazing firearms to round out this action movie juggernaut. Taran Bulter and his company TTI have been the source behind these amazing firearms seen in the franchise since 2014’s John Wick. Once again TTI does its voodoo magic and brings us the TTI Pit Viper.

The TTI Pit Viper is the older brother to the popular Sand Viper from Taran Tactical. The Pit Viper was specifically created for John Wick 4, to be the pinnacle and ideal of what a combat pistol should be. The Pit Viper is poised to ascend to the throne as the baddest handgun in Hollywood movies. The TTI Pit Viper has also seen action in competitive shooting winning the first-ever USPSA 2-Gun Nationals in 2021.

Taran Tactical Innovation has endeavored to provide shooters with the ultimate 2011 experience possible with the Pit Viper. The Pit Viper features a 5” match-grade barrel with a DLC finish, a single port compensator, a fixed front sight, adjustable rear sight, Extreme Engineering LiteSpeed Fire Control System, and so much more. The team over at TTI has sought to create the ultimate handgun experience for the end user.

Below, are the product description and features for the new TTI Pit Viper.

Product Description

The cat is out of the bag! The new pistol of John Wick Chapter 4 is the TTI Pit Viper!

Taran was called upon once again to create the ultimate pistol to help John, quite simply put, kill them all. The Pit Viper was created specifically for JW4, to be the apex fighting pistol. Not only is this gun poised to take the crown for the most badass handgun in Hollywood history, but Taran also sent it (incognito) to take the overall title at the first-ever USPSA 2-Gun Nationals in 2021. The Pit Viper was designed before the Sand Viper but had to wait in the shadows to strike until now. The Pit Viper let its sister take the limelight—which completely set the industry on fire with no Hollywood movie behind her… (yet)

Like the Sand Viper, nothing has been compromised in making this serpent’s hidden fangs strike. With a built-in static fiber optic front sight, single port compensator, ghost profile adjustable rear sight, Extreme Engineering LiteSpeed Fire Control System, Aftec Extractor, and seamlessly blended grip safety delivers reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics like no other. This is the ultimate handgun.


-5 Inch Large Single Port Compensator With DLC Coated Match Grade Barrel

-Precision cut

-Black DLC Coating on Frame and High Polished Slide

-Extreme Engineering Fire Control Group (Lite Speed Hammer, Ultra Low Mass Sear, Match Disconnector, and Titanium Hammer Strut)

-Aftec Extractor

-TTI Carry Magwell

-Extended Slide Release

-Extended Checkered Mag release

-1.75-2.25 LBS trigger pull

-Stainless Steel Guide Rod

-Ultimate Ergonomic Beavertail and Safety Fit

-Ambidextrous Blended Safety

-Accessory Rail Cut

-DLC Coated Steel Checkered Mainspring Housing

-Extended Firing Pin

-TTI Grip Job

-Built-in Bladed Stand-Off (Fangs)

-Includes three 126mm Completed magazines (Two magazines with 7mm TTI Base pads & One with a 3mm TTI Base Pad)

The new Pit Viper is a wonderfully handcrafted firearm that is worthy of the master assassin John Wick. Now, you can have that ultimate experience at your fingertips. The new TTI Pit Viper retails at 6,999.99 MSRP.

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