A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about Zev Technologies building a Modular Build Kit with the O.Z-9 platform. Zev was offering consumers a deeply customizable build experience to allow consumers to build the O.Z-9 to fit their needs as a shooter.

Having the opportunity to build a custom pistol from the ground up is pretty interesting in my book. This potential project had even greater intrigue because you can use high quality Zev parts for the complete build. We all know that with Zev we are receiving quality parts with a attention to detail. It is pricey yes, but that’s the price of doing business.

Writer’s Commentary:In the grand scheme of things this is nothing new. You can build a deeply customizable Glock experience starting with a Polymer 80 lower.

Challenge Accepted!

The challenge to myself was to build a O.Z-9 to fit my needs as a shooter and be under the price of a pre-built O.Z-9. So, I began to think about what would be my use for this pistol? Would I use this O.Z-9 for competition, a range gun, or for carry purposes? I like my pistols to be versatile. What I decided to go for an hybrid of purposes. I want to be build a competition pistol that is also fun to shoot as a range gun.

Writer’s Commentary: I’m a firm believer firearms are meant to be shot and shot frequently. I like to push all my firearms to the limit and myself. I will never purchase a firearm and not run it like a beast. No, matter the price. If it’s $500 Glock or a $3,900 Combat Master 2011. They are both getting ran like beasts.

This build is starting completely from the scratch. The only caveat is: I am only allowed to use the Zev products available currently on the website. The goal is to be under $1,679 MSRP with everything I want in my O.Z-9. This will be a challenge for me. It may not look like it but, I like to ball out when it comes to my firearms.

Alright, let’s get ready to rumble!

Zev MBK Parts

First, we have to start off with the O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit. The MBK is $480. The color I am choosing for the build kit is Black DLC. Next, I have to purchase Zev Essential Parts Kit for MBK. That is going to set me back $162.95. An O.Z-9 standard grip assembly will set me back $59 bucks.

Slide, Barrel, & Accessories

For the Slide of my custom O.Z-9 I’m going for the Zev Orion Slide. That’s going to set me back $525 bucks. Barrel I’m keeping it simple just getting a G17 dimple barrel in Black DLC. Price tag on the barrel is $225. When it comes down to the trigger, I’m basic. I will take just a simple drop in Zev Pro drop in trigger at $129.99. Finally, Zev Fiber Optic Sights coming in at $95 bucks.

Now, it’s time to do some math and find out the verdict. To reference from earlier in the post the goal is to be under $1,679.

Custom O.Z9 Build
  • O.Z-9 Modular Build Kit: $480
  • Zev Essential Parts Pack: $162.95
  • O.Z-9 Grip Assembly (Black): $59
  • Zev Orion Slide: $525
  • Zev G17 Dimple Barrel: $225
  • Zev Flat Face Pro Drop-In Trigger: $129
  • Zev Fiber Optic Sights: $95
  • Grand Total: $?
Survey Says…

Survey says…the grand total for my custom O.Z-9 is 1,675.95. All said and done I barely came in under the price tag of $1,679. To be exact $3.05. That is by the slimmest margins but it is still under the $1,679. MSRP. My custom O.Z-9 is $53.05 under the threaded barrel version. All in all it honestly makes sense to buy a prebuilt one.

My savings where marginal at best only difference is I built it from the ground up. It truly would be a completely custom O.Z-9 with everything I seek to have in that build. The main question is it worth it? To be honest in the long run not really. When you can have a prebuilt O.Z-9 for $3.05 or $53.05 depending on your barrel preference.

I do have one caveat to about building a truly custom O.Z-9. If you already own a couple of Zev barrels,triggers, or slides and you want an O.Z9 setup. This is completely cost effective for you to do. Your price of doing business is going to be a lot cheaper. Only things you are investing in is the O.Z-9 MBK, grip assembly, and the other items to complete the build. The price will be more common sense and practical.


At, the end of the day it is cost efficient to buy a prebuilt O.Z-9 than build one from the ground up. If you already own some Zev parts and you were thinking about taking the dive and building a O.Z-9 then that is definitely a smart way to go.

Also, don’t let me discourage anyone who wants to build a completely custom O.Z-9 from the ground up. You have the power as the consumer to build the pistol that fits your needs. I am all about consumer advocacy and helping making sure your investment is worth all that you paid into it.

Would you build your own completely custom O.Z-9? If So, what build type of build would you go for? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading

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  1. During your build process, did you notice any Gen 3 Upper Changes that would need to take place with the Essential Parts kit? Just wondering if you can plop a Gen3 17/34 slide on the completed lower and run it..


    • The Zev OZ-9 was based on Zev’s Gen 3 Glock products. Zev chose that design and chassis to build the OZ-9 pistol. The full size chassis of the OZ-9 can use Zev 17 and Zev 34 slides. Zev designed the OZ-9 and OZ-9C to work with only Zev parts. Zev understands people will tinker and mix and match but they don’t recommend it. Also, it doesn’t fall under their warranty, if something goes wrong. So, it would be at your own risk and lost.

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