Yesterday, when opening up my YouTube app I found something that instantly got me hyped. There was a new trailer for a Dave Chappelle Stand-up Special on my feed. I am a big fan of his comedy and the honest assessment of the world we live in today. He comedy is relentless, truthful, and most importantly hilarious.

The trailer is short but, quintessentially Dave, people. The one minute trailer opens up with a tight shot on Dave walking in the dessert. Narration begins by Morgan Freeman simply stating, “This is Dave.” From there Freeman narratives about the struggles of comedy and comedians in the modern era of today’s society.  By the end of the trailer Dave sits in front of a small set with microphone and stool.

Dave’s new Netflix stand-up special is titled Stick and Stones and will be out on the streaming giant August 26th. Which means we are only mere weeks away from some relentless, insightful, and real comedy from Dave. I can’t wait.

Are you excited for Dave’s new stand-up special? Let me know in the comments below. 

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