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On Opening Night Live Hideo Kojima offered us a further glimpse into the dystopia setting of a fractured America in Death Stranding. I’m here to breakdown the new characters and discuss the gameplay trailer that was shown at the end of Opening Night Live. Shortly after the end of ONL Sony released two character spotlight videos and one gameplay video.

Mama Trailer

This trailer is the introduction of Mama(Margret Qualley) and we receive her backstory in Death Stranding, according to Hideo Kojima. The trailer is two minutes and thirty-five seconds and displays the complex dynamics between the other side, mothers, and BB’s. The scene is moving, powerful, and poignant as only Kojima can do.

The trailer begins ominously with rock-a-bye baby playing hauntingly in the background. Sam(Norman Reedus) looks up to the ceiling to see what appear to be footprints of a infant. He is startled by what he sees. Next, we get our first glimpse of Mama (Margret Qualley). The BB comes from the ceiling crying down into the arms of Mama. Mama gentle holds and appears to soothe the BB.

Sam sees this and says, “What the…” 

Before Sam can say anything more Mama motherly says, “Shhh,”  to Sam. 

Mama then proceeds to gentle rock the BB until she is calm and releases her back into the air. Mama from there explains how she has to mimic breastfeeding to calm and soothe her baby. She goes on to further explain even though she can’t actual breastfeed that going through the motion helps with the soreness.

Sam then asks, “What is she?” 

Mama replies, “She’s my daughter. And I’m her Mama.” 

Sam slightly backs away from Mama. She explains that her BB is only attached to her and no one else.

Mama asks Sam, “Can you see it right? You’re hooked up.” 

The shot transitions to Mama who seems to be holding the umbilical cord that ties her and the baby together. 

Mama looks to Sam and says, “Now you know why I can’t leave.” 

The reason why Mama can’t leave is because her baby was born(or left) on the other side and she was only able to come back. Her daughter is trapped there on the other side and since they are attached she can’t leave cause her BB will die and so will she. 

Deadman and Bridge Baby

The second character trailer is with Deadman and the Bridge Baby. This trailer gives us more understanding into the world of Death Stranding. The trailer provides insight into the BBs, still mothers, and the other side.

The trailer begins with Sam walking into what appears to be a hospital or clinic looking for Deadman(Guillermo Del Toro). Suddenly you hear Deathman over an intercom telling Sam to put the pod with the BB into the incubator. 

Next, Sam detaches the BB from his harness and places the BB within the incubator. Deadman diagnosis the baby with excessive stress and that it can be easily corrected by returning it to its mother’s womb

Big Reveal: This next information that is about to drop lends some deep insight into the BB’s, their mothers, and the BTs. During this part of the trailer when watching pay close attention.

Sam question Deadman and says, “Mother?”

Deadman pauses and responds, “Located in the Capital Knot City ICU. Brain dead of course.”

Sam replies, “You mean a still mother.” 

Deadman replies, “Correct.” 

From there Deadman begins to explain how the mother’s womb facilitates the connection between the world of the dead and the BB. From there Sam connects himself to an BB which grants him the ability to see BTs.

Deadman continues to explain that the pods where designed to replicate the conditions inside a still mother’s womb. By replicating the mother’s womb this allows for the BB’s to function properly and be the bridge between the two worlds. The pods can only replicate the environment of the womb for so long before the BB needs to be resynchronize to the still mother’s womb. That synchronization is done through the Chiral Network. What the synchronization also is for your BB to update the environment of the womb releasing stress and calming the BB.

After this large exposition of information. Deadman reminds Sam that BB’s are only tools and not to get attached to them. This is because they have been taking away from their still mother’s womb, which leaves the BB unpredictable and prone to failure. According to Deadman no BB in service has lasted over an year. After making that statement, he eludes to taking the BB offline.

Which leads Sam to say, “You mean there is no way to keep my BB alive?” 

Deadman reminds Sam that BB’s are still a mystery and every time past data gets update they learn more about. That information is gathered by the Chiral Network and hopefully that will provide future answers.

Gameplay Trailer -Lunden’s Fan 

The gameplay trailer was named Luden’s Fan and is a side quest in Death Stranding. As, usual the gameplay looks amazing running on the Decima engine. 

The footage begins with same sleeping in the wilderness and wakes up. In the gameplay he shakes out the cob webs and stands up. Before he goes anywhere he stops and takes a leak. Yes, people we have a complete human simulation in Death Stranding. I don’t know if that is true but you can take a leak. 

After Sam finishes using the bathroom you can see a large Super Mario size mushroom pop out in front of him. From there Sam begins to explore the valley. The location on where Sam needs to make the delivery is above him. You see the item wheel pop up in the right hand part of the screen. From there the player chooses the ladder. This ladder is like an Inspector Gadget ladder. It goes from small to large in a heartbeat.

From there Sam climbs the ladder and makes it to the delivery spot, which is the bunker of a prepper. The bunker is owned by prepper portrayed by Goeff Keighley. He drops off the package and the prepper advises him he has a connection to him now.

Within the scene you can see a map of the U.S. and you notice you are moving east to west. So, you journey during Death Stranded will take you across America.

After the delivery is done you leave the bunker and fall down the hill. I think this is done on purpose to show you the in-game mechanic of how to soothe you BB if it gets too stressed. If the BB gets too stress it brings in to question the reliability to sense BTs.

That was the three trailers from Death Stranding. We definitely received more insight on gameplay and characters. Hideo Kojima has orchestrated a rich, complex, and deeply dynamic world that I can’t wait to play on November 8th.

What did you think of the trailers? What was the biggest piece of new information? Is Death Stranding going to be the game that takes up your time this winter? Let me know in the comments below. 

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