Rambo: Last Blood the fifth installment in the Rambo franchise is less than a month away. Coming to theaters on September 20th. Get ready to see a weathered and rugged John Rambo take it to the cartel.

On Monday, a new trailer dropped for Rambo: Last Blood. The trailer gives a little more of the story beats than the last one. It is about a minute and thirty seconds long. Long enough just to give you a taste of storyline and action. 

The trailer begins with a montage of scenes from earlier entries of the Rambo series. The trailer is being narrated by Colonel Trautman.  The dialogue being used is taken from First Blood. From there it jumps into modern day and we catch a glimpse of why Rambo is on the hunt again. This time Rambo is out to protect the family he has left. He is out to save Gabrielle(Yvette Monreal) from the Mexican Cartel that has taken her. From there we have classic Rambo ready to slay bodies. In the trailer there is a greater sense of intimacy and drive to the violence that I haven’t seen since the first two Rambo movies. We haven’t seen Rambo with that type of drive, which is refreshing in its own way.

Rambo:Last Blood is all about John coming full circle from where he has come from to now. If you look closely a lot of the action set pieces in Last Blood are direct references to First Blood. Rambo is using more guerrilla tactics than running and gunning as he did in the latter two movies. Taking a deeper look into the trailer you see variation of traps from the original movie. Rambo, also uses firearms from the original movie. This movie is all about Rambo going full circle as a character. A time span covering over thirty years. It has been a great ride. I can’t wait to see the movie when it hits September 20th. 

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