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Rise Armament is know within the industry for making well built and reliable AR drop-in triggers. Recently, Rise announced the release of their newest trigger—the Rise Armament Blitz. The Blitz features a engineering redesign resulting in greater reliability.

The Blitz features internal parts made from S7 tool steel, finished in black nitride for strength and corrosion resistance. It’s LiteMite hammer reduces weight while maintaining a solid and powerful strike. Rise’s NoWay Take-Up removes the subtle creep before the break of the trigger. Which means the trigger movement begins with required pull to move the seat to release the hammer.

The Blitz features a 3.0-3.5 lb trigger pull with virtuall no creep, according to Rise. It utilizes the company’s Quik-Klik reset. Giving shooters the tactile feel and audible “click” of the trigger reset. The Blitz also offers minimal over travel after the trigger is pulled to help shooters deliver fast follow-up shots. The Blitz also uses Rise Armament hybrid trigger shoe. Which is a mix between a curved trigger and flat face trigger.

The Rise Armament Blitz AR triggers are precisely machined with handcrafted for fine tuning. All Blitz triggers are individual inspected for quality and precision. The installation of the Blitz remains simple like any other Rise Armament trigger. No screws or tightening needed. The Blitz also comes with anti-walk pins for a secure installation.

The new Rise Blitz trigger fits in AR-15, AR-10, and PCC platforms. The Blitz retails at $199.

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