Yesterday, we where given another treat into the artistic interpretation of Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix. Many within the comic book community held reservations about this interpretation of the Joker. I will freely admit I was one of them. Batman is my favorite literary characters of all time. (Yes, people I said literary character. I know some people don’t consider comic books engaging reading material.)  With every trailer that Warner Brothers has released my skepticism has turned into anticipation. I am anxious to see how this iteration of the clown prince of crime ends up. 

The final trailer gives us a greater look into the man Arthur Fleck(Phoenix) and his dissent into madness. In this  trailer we see Fleck go from a down trodden individual and evolve into into his Joker persona. In the trailer we have a chance to hear Phoenix’s version of the iconic Joker laugh. Which is haunting, menacing, and sinister all at the same time.  We see a potential love connection with Fleck and Dumond in the trailer. I wonder how that relationship will play into understanding the Joker and Harley dynamic of the future. Cause we all know that relationship is on another planet of dysfunctional.

Overall, the final Joker trailer showed us what to expect from the upcoming film. I am cautiously optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. We will see how it all turns out October 4 when it lands in theaters nationwide. 

What do you think about the final Joker trailer? Do you believe Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix will deliver a worthy Joker film? Let me know in the comments below. 

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