About a month ago at a SliencerCo media event, SliencerCo unveiled new products in their pipeline. One of those new products was the non-NFA Maxim 9. The non-NFA Maxim 9 has been quietly in development for some time now and we are finally getting a chance to see it. 

The main question many people may have is, “What is the difference?” 

The main difference is that it is a non-NFA item now, giving its new name. The O.G. Maxim 9 by SliencerCo was integrally suppressed, which made it an NFA item. SliencerCo designed the new Maxim 9 pistol from the ground up to be used as a suppressed pistol. SliencerCo advised attendees at the media event to think of the new pistol as a “suppressor host”. With this design in mind SliencerCo says it, “could be the quietest suppressed pistol ever created.” 

The non-NFA Maxim 9 shares its roots with its predecessor. The new pistol has a delayed blowback design, fixed barrel, and a non-reciprocating front end. 

The reduce noise signature from the new Maxim pistol is from the delayed blowback design. The design allows to delay the unlocking in the cycle of operations. By doing so it reduces the noise that escapes out of the ejection port. The delay blowback design also pushes the gases forward out out of the barrel resulting in significantly less gas coming back at the shooter. 

The new Maxim pistol also as fixed barrel like the O.G. Maxim 9. With the non-NFA Maxim 9 you don’t need use a piston or booster on your suppressor. You will be able to direct thread on your can to the pistol. If you have a trilug adapter on the end of your barrel you could use an MP-5 compatible suppressor. The fixed threaded barrel allows you to mount any compensator that fits 1/2×28. 

The non-NFA Maxim 9 has a non-reciprocating front end just like the original. That non-reciprocating front end allows for the mounting of optics. The non-reciprocating front end allows shooter to easily track their sight through the recoil to get faster follow-up shots. The non-NFA Maxim 9 front end essentially acts like a 6-second mount without the extra busyness of one. 

Lastly, SliencerCo re-engineered the trigger. They wanted to created a better feeling trigger in response of criticism from the Maxim 9’s trigger. The non-NFA Maxim 9 will allows except Glock 17 magazines.

That is pretty much about it when it comes to SliencerCo’s new pistol. No, price point or release date has been set. We will just have to keep our eyes out for any new information.

What did you think of the O.G. Maxim 9? What do you think of the new non-NFA Maxim 9? Let me know in the comments below. 

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