About a week or so ago I wrote an article about GameStop’s earrings call with investors. During that call GameStop CEO George Sherman spoke about the Reboot Initiative planned for GameStop. The plan was to reconstruct GameStop into a viable gaming retailer for the future. 

The Reboot Initiative has four main pillars which Sherman spoke about in the earrings call. The four pillars of the Reboot Initiative are: Optimize the Core, Become a Social/Cultural Hub for gaming, Build a Digital Platform, and Transform Vendor Partnerships.

When speaking about becoming a social/cultrual hub Sherman spoke about creating new store layouts centered around retro games and Esports. The retro game locations would sell previous generation hardware and games. While also creating a space for gamers to play video games and socialize within the store. Now, a video has surfaced from Facebook from a retro themed pilot store in Pryor, Oklahoma. 

The retro themed GameStop interior looks modern, clean, with an open concept floor design. The open concept design of the store encourages customers to spend more time in the store creating that social hub for gamers. In the video you will notice a couch towards the front of the store with a TV and console in front of the couch. In the back of the store you have gaming stations with TVs. You can see retro consoles like Nintendo 64, GameCube, Original Xbox and more. Snack and drinks are being sold within the store. There are also collectibles and gaming themed shirts on sale throughout the store. Also, in the video there is a tablet with access to the GameStop’s website. So, if you wanted to order a retro console and some games you have that option. 

The goal of this retro themed GameStop and other pilot stores like it is to create a social hub for gamers. Which is apart of the four pillars CEO George Sherman spoke about in the earrings call last month. Frank Hamlin Chief Customer Officer speaking to Gamespot stated the new design are meant to “celebrate video game culture in real life.” 

The new GameStop layout was first reported by IGN. IGN has been able to confirm the authenticity of the video. A source familiar with GameStop’s operation, spoke to IGN under the condition of anonymity, confirmed the layout of the redesigned Pryor location. 

What do you think of GameStop’s new retro theme store? Let me know in the comments below.

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