Rambo:Last Blood hits theaters nationwide this Friday. It will be the last time presumably we will see Sly Stallone take up the mantle as John Rambo. Today, a Red Band Trailer was released for Rambo:Last Blood. (Trailer above)

In the trailer we get to see Rambo at his finest. The trailer is about a minute long but, it is love letter to Rambo from First Blood. John is using his extensive knowledge of guerrilla warfare to being the fight to the Mexican cartel. The tunnels where the action takes place is filled with death traps. Only thing Rambo has to do is stay alive and execute his reign of death and destruction. Hopefully, Rambo:Last Blood is a fitting end to the character of John Rambo. 

Rambo: Last Blood opens in theaters this Friday. 

What are you thoughts on the new Rambo movie? What is your favorite Rambo movie? Let me know in the comments below. 

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