Flux Defense has recently released the MP17 PDW/SBR versions for your Sig Sauer M17/18, P320, and X-Five series of pistols.

The Flux Defense MP17 is a drop in upgrade for the Sig Sauer M17/18 and P320 series of pistols. In their video Flux Defense states, “it takes little as 60 seconds to install,” the MP17 system. The MP17 is half the length and weight of traditional SBR’s, which allows for users to holster the weapon as they choose.

The MP17 comes with an integrated magwell which doubles your ammo and allows for faster reloads. It comes with a spring loaded pistol brace for quick deployment. The optic mount that sits on top of the MP17 fits a wide variety of red dot sights on the market. (In the video you can see Trijicon, Holosun, and Aimpoint on the table.) You also have the ability to mount larger optics on the MP17 chassis. Looking under the mount exposes your iron sights allowing the shooter to access his backup sights in a crunch. The MP17 also has an integrated QD mount if users wanted to run your pistol brace with a sling.

The MP17 has a companion holster. The locking duty holster provides level 2 retention. The holster is suppressor, light, IR illuminators, and laser compatible. The locking duty holster is also compatible with the Sarfariland quick lock system giving users ultimate flexibility on placement of the MP17.

The MP17 SBR is designed with military, law enforcement, VIP protection, pilots, and home defense in mind.

Below are the Features and Specs of the MP17 SBR.


• Holds up to 43 rounds. Carries an extra mag.

• QD mount for slings.

• Optional Duty Holster – Level 2 Retention. Multi-light compatible – most Streamlight, Surefires and Inforces. The drop in holster is suppressor compatible as well.

• Patent Pending one-handed deployment. (Spring-loaded.)

• Optic mount works with most red dot sights – RMR™, Holosun®, Deltapoint™, and more. It also works with a pic rail for use with larger optics like, Aimpoint®, Eotech® etc.

• Pic rail for pistol flashlights and IR Lights/Lasers 

• Optional Duty Holster works with most lights/lasers made for pistols.


• Smaller and lighter than most PDW’s on the market.

• Weight: 2.8Lbs (With full size slide – empty)

• Size: (Collapsed) Height: 5.75”     

• Length: 10.75”      

• Width: 1.6”

The Flux Defense MP17 Pistol Brace comes in at $399 MSRP and is currently sold out on their website. The locking duty holster comes in at $199. 

What do you think of the Flux Defense MP17? Let me know in the comments below. 

Side Note:

The Flux Defense is an accessory but, it turns your pistol into a SBR legally. All NFA regulations apply here. Potential customers must create a Form 1 for their fire control unit before installing. To be in compliance with the NFA and avoid getting into trouble with the Feds. The company also makes a pistol brace version of the Flux MP17. If you don’t want to go the SBR route.

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