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Last week, the Consumer Products Safety Commission released their had been a recall on Blackhawk T-Series LC2 holsters. The defect in the LC2 holsters was that it could disengage the safety when holstering your Sig M17/18. Which could potential lead to a negligent discharge when drawing the firearm from holster. (That’s only if you are not following the safety rules of a firearm in my opinion.) 

The safety disengagement was due to the tight internal cavity, intended for the commercial P320 platform. The first run of T-Series LC2 holster would disengage the safety putting the M17/18 on fire. 

Below is press release from Blackhawk regarding the T-Series LC2 Holster recall. 

In an effort to clarify misinformation reported by some media outlets, we would like to take this opportunity to further explain the recent recall of the T-Series L2C that specifically affected the Sig Sauer P320-M17/M18 variants.

To showcase the limited scope of this recall, we’ll outline the levels of specificity you have to go through before someone would be affected in this situation. First, we have the overall family of T-Series holsters, which includes the L3D, L2D, and L2C variants. Next, we’ll drill down a layer further to only the L2C variant of the T-Series. Another narrowing of the focus takes you to the specific L2C Sig P320/P250 fit. One more step, and we arrive at the M17/M18 variant of the Sig P320. If you are one of the few people who owns a Sig P320-M17/M18 and you specifically purchased the L2C version of the T-Series, only then does this recall apply to you.

Thanks to the new nature of this holster as well as the relatively new nature of that handgun being made available to the public, the great likelihood is that there are very few people out there who would meet both criteria of owning a T-Series L2C as well as the M17/M18 variants of the Sig P320.

This recall only affects the T-Series L2C model for the Sig P320/P250-M17/M18, and affects no other models of the T-Series family of holsters. If you are using an M17/M18 variant, the concern is that the added safety mechanism of the firearm could potentially be disengaged during the holstering of the firearm. The holster will in no way actually cause the firearm to discharge.

This issue has since been rectified, so all new T-Series L2C Sig P320/P250 fits will now also work with the M17/M18 variants. Curious to know if you have the “new” or “old” version? Look at the part number on the back of your holster – if it’s stamped with an “A”, then that is the old version. If it is stamped with a “B”, that is the updated version. To return your holster for a refund or if you have any questions, please contact us here:

Blackhawk has seen the defect in the LC2 holster and has corrected it. As, consumers do your due diligence and make sure if your holster is an older version or newer version. If it is the older version feel free to contact Blackhawk about a replacement or refund.

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