Recently, EAA announced their newest shotgun the MC312 Sport. Built by Girsan. The new MC312 Sport features many additions that are popular among 3-Gun competitors, at a suprising $600 dollar price tag. 

The new MC312 sport features an enhanced loading port for quad loads, a low profile Picatinny rail with red dot, mid-bead fiber optic front sight, a red mag tube follower, and much more. 

Other features include that will get 3-Gun competitors interested is the 24 inch barrel, five choke tubes, rubber butt pad, rotating bolt, and mag tube cap threads.

Below is the overview and features of the EAA MC312 Sport. 


The MC312 Sport is the first reasonably priced 3-gun production 12GA shotgun out of the box with the following standard features: enhanced loading port for quad loading, fully machined receiver with low profile accessory rail (no turkey neck), improved controls, red mag tube follower for visual empty chamber status, common mag tube cap threads for the upgrades you desire, factory wide view red dot optics, pistol grip stock for greater control, raised vent rib for faster swing, large fiber optic front sight, mid bead, rubber butt pad, rotating bolt, inertia action, 24” barrel, 5 choke tubes and the shotgun is backed by our limited lifetime warranty (optics warranty 1 year). Bottom line the MC312 Sport is what you need to compete and win in 3-gun for a fraction of the price of a custom shotgun. 


• Inertia Semi-Auto Shotgun

• Picatinny Rail Machined into the Receiver

• Pistol Grip

• Red Dot Optic

• Raised Vent Rib 

• Mid Bead

• Rubber Butt Pad

• 5 Screw in Chokes

• Rotating Bolt

• Red Mag Tube Follower

• Large Fiber Optic Front Sight

• Loading Port

The EAA MC312 Sport is due out in January of 2020. Coming in at an awesome price of $600 dollars with a feature rich 3-Gun shotgun. 

For more on the MC312 Sport check out EAA website

What do you think about the new MC312 Sport? Is it a shotgun you would invest in for 3-Gun? Let me know in the comments below.

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