Thanksgiving weekend Rosco Manufacturing is doing a big push and dropping some bombs on the firearms market and community. On Friday Rosco will be offering 25% off site wide for Black Friday while also releasing new products. Let’s dig in. 

As, stated above Rosco Manufacturing will be offering 25% off site wide. That is not the biggest thing coming from Rosco. Rosco is now offering new Sauce Pack configurations, complete upper receivers, and stepping into aftermarket Glock barrels.

New Pruebred Sauce Packs

For those who are uninitiated Rosco’s Sauce Pack includes their Purebred Barrel, Bloodline BCG, Bloodline Gas Block, and Bloodline Gas Tube. When originally released they only came in a few different configurations for the bloodline of products.

Now, the Sauce Packs come in Purebred barrel configurations. The Purebred barrels are their .223 Wylde barrels with an 1:8 twist rate. The new Purebred Sauce packs come in 20, 18, 16, 14.5, 13.7, and 10.5 inch barrel configuration. They also have an 8.2 inch Sauce Pack for 300 Blackout. The new Purebred Sauce Packs range from $349.95 (20 inch) all the way down to $310.95 (10 inch). With all these new configurations of the Sauce Packs you can start your build off right with Barrel, BCG, and Gas system at a phenomenal price. Buying all those items separately can easily be more expensive. Rosco’s Sauce Packs are a great idea for any build.

Rosco’s Bloodline URG Upper Recievers

Rosco Manufacturing is also introducing complete uppers. Before you could only buy barrels, upper and lowers, and part accessories from Rosco. Now, they have put it all together and started offering complete uppers. 

For the initial release of their complete uppers Rosco is only offering the build in 10.5 inch barrel length. There are two builds. 

10.5 Bloodline URG (Built)

The first build is the 10.5 Bloodline URG (Built) will be a complete upper minus the BCG and charging handle. 

Here is the Bloodline URG (Built) description from Rosco Manufacturing. 

The Rosco Bloodline URGs are a culmination of the performance and synchronization of our barrels and accessories. Our original goal was to supply folks with well-made barrels to improve their current platforms. After we reached that marker, we then sought out the best accessories and tuned them to work perfectly with our barrels in a cohesive system. Ultimately, we decided to bring our talents as shooters and gunsmiths to provide non-builders with a product that was a drop-in option. 

Our URGs have every bit of our DNA in them- from the years of turning barrels (OEM & Commercial), to the hand-picked support components, and the many hours of working over a bench. All the details that are often disregarded by other manufacturers are the starting points to these upper receiver groups. Headspace, correct torques, gas port/ gas block alignment, and lapped surfaces are the bricks that create a path to cornerstone performance. Those items are not just a hit-list of tasks for these URGs, it’s a roadmap we will never compromise on.

The new 10.5 Bloodline URG is currently priced at $499.95 on their website.

10.5 Bloodline URG (Complete)

The second build is the 10.5 Bloodline URG (Complete). This build will come with a bloodline BCG, Radian Weapons ambidextrous charging handle, and Surefire Warcomp muzzle device. 

Below is the description of the Bloodline URG (Complete) from Rosco Manufacturing. 

The Rosco completed URGs feature every single aftermarket item we sell as standard equipment in a ready to roll combo. From our highly coveted in-house made barrels, Purebred billet uppers, Purebred MLok handguards, to our Bloodline accessories. You’ll even have the option to upgrade your URG with a Rosco/Radian Raptor ambi-charging handle and a Surefire Warcomp to design one un-stoppable package. Don’t pew like a POOR, live like a king without having to spend like one! (If choosing a Warcomp make sure to specify Open-Tine or Closed-Tine in the notes section of the cart).

Rosco Manufacturing 10.5 Bloodline URG (Complete)  is priced at $639-845 depending on setup. 

Bloodline Glock 19 Barrel

To close this all out Rosco Manufacturing is stepping into the Glock after market parts. On Thanksgiving weekend Rosco Manufacturing is releasing it’s first match grade drop in barrel the Bloodline Glock 19. The new Bloodline G19 barrel will be come with either a threaded or a non-threaded barrel. 

Below is the description of the new Bloodline Glock 19 barrel from Rosco.

The Rosco Manufacturing’s line of Glock barrels are a drop-in, match grade option that enhances the accuracy and performance of any stock Glock pistol. All Bloodline Glock barrels are made from 416R stainless steel, broached, honed, polished, and then melonited.

All barrels have also been designed with strategic beveled edges surrounding the chamber area to reduce premature wear/ tear commonly found on basic aftermarket barrels. The result is a duty capable upgrade that will not sacrifice quality. Drop a Bloodline in your Glock to experience true PERFECTION at a price that will leave you room for plenty of ammo.

The new Bloodline Glock 19 barrel is priced at $139 for the non-threaded and $189 for the threaded barrel. 

This Thanksgiving weekend Rosco Manufacturing is dropping some value bombs on the industry. First, you have new Sauce Packs, upper receivers, and Glock match grade barrels. Along with 25% off site wide. Man, it’s a hell of a deal. I wasn’t expecting it from Rosco to be honest but, they are clearly killing the game at this moment. The new Sauce Packs, upper receivers, and Glock match grade barrel go on sale this Friday. If you want to be notified when the sales starts you can be notified through email on their site. If you are interested I would do that. I believe these products will sell fast. 

What do you think about Rosco’s new products? Are you interested in buying any of them? If so which one. Let me know in the comments below. 

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