Just like everyone else who is having big sales on electronics, tools, and home goods so is the firearms industry. The black Friday sales available for this upcoming shopping weekend have already started for some firearm retailers. There are a lot of good deals out there. Some you have to dig a little deeper for but, they are there. If you are looking to complete a build, start a build, or buy a piece to improve a build these sales have you covered. 

Some of the Black Friday sales are currently in effect and last through December 2. Most sales are from today until December 2. Now, is the time to go forth and start researching the next potential savings on that firearm-related product. Also, throughout this shopping event, many retailers are choosing days when certain manufacturers have better discounts. So, you have to keep an eye out. 

Below is a list of the firearm retailers with the widest selection and best deals for Black Friday 2019. 

Primary Arms

When it comes down to sales on military holidays or seasonal holidays Primary Arms always have some of the best deals around. Primary Arms has over 1,200 products on sale. On their website they have Ballistic Advantage, Magpul, Trijicon, Polymer 80, Battle Arms, and many more on sale. Rough estimate on discounts is anywhere between 20%-45% off. It maybe more on some items but that’s a ballpark estimate.

Check out Primary Arms for all the deals.


Brownells one of the biggest online firearm retailers if not the biggest and they are at it again. Brownells is having an extensive sale throughout their website. They have Magpul, Law Tactical, Geissele Automatics, Aero, Daniel Defense, and many others on sale this Thanksgiving weekend. 

Brownells is also offering Edge members an extra 12% off and free shipping. While all of use normal folks can get an extra 11% off using the code HAA on orders $49 or more.

Check out Brownells for more. 


I think this is maybe the first or second time I’ve added MidwayUSA on my list for holiday sales. Midway is having a nice long and extensive holiday sale. Midway’s Black Friday sale started on Monday and will run through next Monday December 2nd. Midway is having discount prices on some luxury firearm brands such as Leupold and Trijicon. They also have Vortex, Bushnell, AR Stoner, Timney Triggers on sale. Midway is also has hunting equipment, hiking equipment, and targets on sale. 

You also get free shipping with orders of $49 dollars or more by using promo code GREATDEAL49. 

I have do admit MidwayUSA went all out on this one. For more check out MidwayUSA.

Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical has been on my holiday lists before. They are a medium-sized retailer with not as big of a selection but definitely the bang for your buck when it comes to discounts. 

Wing Tactical is having discounts on Aero Precision products, Strike Industries, Faxon Arms, Odin Works, Seekins, Elfmann Tactical, and much more. They are also offering an extra 20% off on discounted items at checkout. Use code BFS19. 

For more deals check out Wing Tactical.

Rainier Arms

Back on my list again for holiday sales is Rainier Arms. Rainier falls under the radar for me sometimes because they carry brands some other people may not carry. They are kind of like my speciality online firearm retailer.

Rainier will be having discounts on CMC Triggers, Grey Ghost Precision, Magpul, Killer Innovations, BSF Barrels, and Geissele. Discounts seem to range between 20%-40% but, that is a deal and steal on those brands.

To see all their savings check out Rainier Arms.

Arm or Ally 

To be all honest I stumbled upon Arm or Ally. They seem like a smaller online retailer. Selection isn’t as big but, they where delivering good discounts so I put them on my list. 

Arm or Ally has discounts on Spike’s Tactical, Aero Precision, Elfmann Tactical, Superlative Arms,TriggerTech, Ballistic Advantage, Faxon Arms, and Toolcraft. Discounts are in the 20%-50% off on some items. Arm or Ally might have some hidden gem deals if you do a deep dive into their Black Friday Sales.

Head over to Arm or Ally for more.

Ballistic Advantage

During Holiday sales throughout the year Ballistic Advantage never disappoints and they don’t disappoint here.

Ballistic Advantage is offering 30% off site wide and have a few Black Friday Door Buster Deals that are legit. 

For their Door Buster deals Ballistic has a 16 inch government profile barrel for $100. They have a complete 10.5 upper with Atlas M-Lok rail for $250. Normally, that upper is $430. They also have 16 inch pencil barrel with Atlas M-Lok rail for $275. Normal price is $473. There are a few more deals on the Door Buster deals but, I will let you adventure over to their website to check it out. 

Adventure over to Ballistic Advantage for all their deals.

That about wraps it up fam. There are a lot of deals out there. Probably a lot I missed. These were the 7 online retailers that stood out to me. Now, is the time to start that build, finish that build, or upgrade components. 

Did you find any good Black Friday Deals I didn’t mention? Let me know in the comments below. 

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