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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has had it rough since the opening months after the launch. Reviews said it was filled with half baked game concepts, a shallow loot system(reminiscent of The Division), weak AI, no AI teammates, and filled with bugs and inconsistent frame rate. Breakpoint was giving a 55 by industry reviewers and a 2.3 by fans on Metacritic for PS4.

To put it nicely it was a rough launch for Ghost Recon:Breakpoint. Ubisoft Paris provided fans with an incomplete product that was a step backwards for the Ghost Recon:Wildlands.

Now, Ubisoft Paris is listening to the community and looking to make Breakpoint the experience that fans of the series were looking for originally. Which was an immersive tactical shooter.

Two weeks ago Ubisoft Paris released a community survey asking the players how to improve their experience in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. On Wednesday before Thanksgiving Ubisoft released the results from that community survey. 

The Community Results Are In

Ubisoft results represent each topic ranked based on players from the community that where ranked within their Top 5 Topics. 

Some of the topics that the community wanted addressed was already in-progress by the Ubisoft Paris team. The others will be address with updates throughout 2020 and beyond.

Most Requested Fixes or Changes

The three most requested fixes or changes were: The addition of AI teammates was requested by over 50% of the community. The removal of gear score, tiered loot, better enemy AI, and a sell all option for weapons and gear was requested by more than 35%. Lastly, over 30% of the community requested the removal of online requirements. 

Most Requested Additional Content

Ubisoft Paris also asked the Ghost Recon community what additional content they would like added to Breakpoint in the future.

The most requested additions were: By the vast majority of the community was additional story content with over 70%+ of the community asking for it. Over 60% of the community wants new weapons added to Breakpoint. Finally, over 50% of the community requested more character customization and weapon customization.

From there Ubisoft Paris explains to the community that there voices have been heard and that the Ubisoft team is currently working to enhance the experience in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. In the community letter Ubisoft Paris team discussed the fixing of bugs, technical issues, and other requested changes and fixes. Most of those changes or fixes are already in-progress. Next, the discuss requested content to be added such as new missions, weapons, and gear. Finally, the letter discusses other highly requested content by the community.

Below is a breakdown directly from the open letter to the community by Ubisoft Paris.


We are committing to deliver information and content updates by early next year on the following most requested changes/fixes:

Bug Fixing and Technical Improvements

We know that certain players are still unable to enjoy the polished version of the game that we had hoped to release at launch. Bug fixing is, and will continue to be, the top priority for our team, each TU will contain more technical improvements.

Remove Gear Score & Tiered Loot

(IN-PROGRESS) Referenced in the Moving Forward letter, we are working on a more immersive and radical version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint for early next year.

Enemy AI improvements

(IN-PROGRESS) We have already begun making improvements to help the enemy AI react more intelligently against the player. In TU 1.0.3 we have made adjustments to the stealth detection/behaviors and fixed the issue that caused enemies not to throw grenades.

Our team will be working on implementing on-going adjustments to improve this in future TUs.

Sell All Weapons and Gear

(IN-PROGRESS) Our team is working on an implementation for early next year.

AI Teammates

(IN-PROGRESS) Also as referenced in the Moving Forward letter, we are still hard at work on the AI teammates.

Due to its scope, the remaining top result will require more investigation. Please look forward for more information on this topic by early next year.


The remaining results have the following statuses:

Vehicle Handling Improvements

(IN-PROGRESS) Our team is working on adjusting the vehicle handling for early next year.

Possibility to Adjust / Reinforce Survival Elements

(IN-PROGRESS) Announced in our Moving Forward letter, we are working on a more immersive version of Ghost Recon Breakpoint where this will be addressed early next year.

In-game Economy Changes

(IN-PROGRESS) We have begun making several adjustments to the economy, including: the removal of the daily battle points cap and an increase in the rewards received from Faction Missions.

We will have additional adjustments coming to the economy early next year.

Base Jump Improvements

(IN-PROGRESS) We are currently working on this issue from two angles: debug and UX clarity. By early next year, we aim to have made significant improvements in both elements to make this feature feel better.

Menu Improvement

(INVESTIGATING) Our team is looking into possible adjustments that could be made to the menus to create a smoother experience.

Ability to Deactivate Other Players in Erewhon

(IN-PROGRESS) Our team is working on the implementation for early next year.

Camera Improvements

(IN-PROGRESS) Our team is working on adjustments that can be made to the camera for early next year.

Ability to Sprint in Erewhon

(INVESTIGATING) We are investigating the possibility of implementing this feature.

Respawn System Improvements

(IN-PROGRESS) Our team is working on adjustments to the respawn system for early next year.

Carry 1 or 2 primary weapons

(IN-PROGRESS) Our team is working on the implementation for early next year.


New Story Content

(IN-PROGRESS) Our first story content update will be released in December with the Terminator Live Event. In addition to these Live Events, we will also have the upcoming Adventures (Deep State and Transcendence) for Episode 2 and 3 of Year 1 respectively.

New Weapons

(IN-PROGRESS) The Terminator Live Event will have new weapons added. Additionally, with the release of the new Episodes and Battle Rewards Acts, you will have lots of new weapons coming to your arsenal.

More Character Customization Options (Face/Hair)

(INVESTIGATING) We are looking into the possibility of adding additional face and hair character customization options.

More Customization Options in the Gunsmith

(INVESTIGATING) We’ve heard the feedback regarding the changes to Gunsmith and variant systems implemented. We are investigating the possibility of changes to the Gunsmith with the systems we currently have in place.


New Enemy Types

(IN-PROGRESS) The Raid (Project Titan), as well as the Terminator Live Event, will feature enemies you have yet to come across. The new Episodes will also include more variants of existing drones.

GPS System on TacMap

(INVESTIGATING) We are investigating the possibility of integrating a new system to make the navigation easier.

New Skills

(IN-PROGRESS) We are working on new skills for early next year.

New Customization (Gear/Clothing)

(IN-PROGRESS) The Terminator Live Event will have new clothing and customizations added. Each new Act and Episode will also include a large variety of new customization options.


(IN-PROGRESS) Our first raid, Project Titan, is out! We’ll have two additional difficulty modes for Project Titan out early next year.

Compass in HUD

(IN-PROGRESS) We are working on the implementation of the compass for early next year.

New Vehicles

(IN-PROGRESS) The Terminator Live Event will include new vehicles, as well as vehicle customizations. The new Episodes and Acts will also include more vehicle customizations.

New PvP content

(IN-PROGRESS) We will have updates to Ghost War coming in January! We’ll communicate about these additions closer to the release date.

Many of the improvements, changes, and additions Ubisoft Paris is looking to implement early next year. With all these improvements it will give Ghost Recon fans the gameplay experience they are looking for. An immersive tactical shooter with smart AI teammates and enemies, with strong survival mechanics. We will have to wait and see how these changes effect Breakpoint in the future.

What do you think about Ghost Recon potential changes? Let me know in the comments below. 

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