I am a big fan of Hong Kong action movies and Hong Kong martial arts movies. The Ip Man series is one of the best modern Hong Kong martial arts series to date. The films are based on life events of  legendary Wing Chun Master Ip Man played by Donnie Yen. 

The Ip Man movies show a complex and determined man dealing with the changing martial arts world and a changing China around him. The fight scene are amazing to say the least. Designed with beauty, impact and meaning. The fight choreography and cinematography are top tier. There is a beauty and artistry to the violence that only legendary fight choreographer Yuen Woo Ping can pull off.  His resume includes Drunken Master, Fist of Legend, The Matrix Series, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and The Kill Bill Series are his notable ones. So, if you like the action in those you will like the action in the Ip Man series.

The fourth and final Ip Man movie is set to release on Christmas Day and Well Go USA has dropped an American trailer for the movie. The movie stars Donnie Yen along with Scott Adkins, Chris Collins, and Yue Wu. 

The film will take place in the 1960s, and will see Ip Man travelling to the United States to work with Bruce Lee after the latter decides to open a Wing Chun school in Seattle. Trailer above. 

Ip Man is a great Hong Kong martial arts series. If you haven’t heard of it or haven’t seen it. The first 3 films are currently on Netflix check it out. 

Have you seen the Ip Man movies? If so what do you think? Let me know in the comments below. 

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