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A new record was set for NICS background checks. Beating out November 2016 as the largest number of background checks conducted in the month of November. With a strong economy and more money in average Americans pockets. Many Americans were ready to splurge on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Americans spent $7.4 billion dollars on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to a USA Today article. (Click here for article) This Black Friday alone the FBI processed the second largest number of NICS checks on a single day in history. Showing you the health of the economy. Also, that  Americans are investing in firearms for protection, hunting, or recreation. 

In November the FBI processed 2,574,752 NICS checks. Previous high of November 2016 the FBI processed 2,393,043. The new record smashes the pervious high by more than 180,000 background checks. 

So far as of November 2019 their had been 25,432,856 NICS checks has been conducted this year by the FBI. Those numbers will make 2019 the third-highest year on record. We still have to wait until January to get the numbers for December NICS background checks. 

This year has the ability to be the highest number of NICS checks conducted in a year. The current record is 27, 432,856 held by 2016 during an election year. Which means December only needs 2,105,817 to break the record. 

Overall, 2019 is shaping up to be a a strong year within the firearms community. A strong economy and extra money at Americans disposals, many Americans are investing in firearms.

Did you make any firearm related purchases during the month of November? Let us know in the comments below. 

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