For consumers who have had the desire to invest in Zev’s new O.Z-9 modular handgun, but the price was too rich for your blood. Now, is your time. Zev Technologies is offering a trade in program that will allow for you to trade in your stock Gen 3, 4, or 5 Glock towards the purchase of a new O.Z-9 pistol.

Here are the basics for your weapon to qualify under Zev Tech’s trade in program. First, it must be a Gen 3, 4, or 5 Glock platform. The 9mm models only. You have to have factor slide, frame, and parts. Second, you will fill out the trade in program form. A representative from Zev will contact you within 3 business days. That representative from Zev will inform you of the process and how to trade in your stock Glock pistol. Once that trade in process is complete Zev will give you $400-$500 dollars towards your new O.Z-9 pistol. Unfortunately, California residents and international customers will not be allowed to take part in the trade in program.

On their website Zev Technologies has their FAQs about the trade in program. I will leave that information below for those who are curious and want to know more. 

What’s being accepted?

We are currently accepting submissions of unmodified Gen 3, 4, & 5 Glock Pistols, Models 26, 19, 19x, 17, 34, 48, 45, 42, 43 & 43x. Submissions must have their original Glock Slide and Frame; and the firearm as a whole must be in good working order to qualify.

How do I submit?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the Firearms Trade-In Program Submission Form. Once submitted, one of our Customer Service Reps will contact you within 3 business days to get you taken care of.

What’s the process?

Once you’ve completed your submission form below and you’ve spoken to one of our Customer Service Reps, a copy of the signed Affidavit will need to be received. You will be given shipping instructions and an RMA to send your Glock into ZEV. Your Customer Service Rep will also assist you with getting an order placed of the O.Z-9 Standard, O.Z-9 Compact, or O.Z-9 Competition of your choosing! Upon your Glock being received by ZEV, your Customer Service Rep will notify you if your firearm does not meet the acceptable criteria and it will be returned to you.

Do I need to go through an FFL?

To send your Glock to ZEV, no. Your Customer Service Rep can go over the shipping instructions with you to help clarify. But you will need to go through an FFL to receive your new O.Z-9 at the end of this Firearm Trade-In Program. Your Customer Service Rep can help with this too.

Will this program cost me anything?

You are responsible for any shipping costs, transfer fees, and the balance of your OZ9 purchase. If your Glock qualifies, you will receive $400 (for Models 26, 42, 43, 43x, & 48) or $500 (for Models 19, 19x, 17, 34, & 45) towards your ZEV OZ9.

Does my Military/LEO discount still apply to this program?

Yes, it does!

Is financing available for this program?

Yes, financing can be applied to your OZ9 purchase balance if your financing application is approved.

If I live in CA or outside the USA, can I participate in this program?

Unfortunately, no. Our O.Z-9 is not on the CA roster and therefore is not compliant to send to our CA customers. And International shipping regulations prohibits us from accepting submissions from international customers.

What do you think about Zev’s new trade in program? Will this program convince you to take a leap and try the O.Z-9 platform? Let us know in the comments below. 

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