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LV Stipple x Sunset Goons Join Forces For A Dope Collaboration

The highly awaited collaboration between LV Stipple and Sunset Goons set for December 9th marks a significant moment in the firearms community. As these two influential entities join forces, there’s a palpable excitement within the industry. Social media teases have only heightened anticipation, revealing a fusion of LV Stipple’s unmatched expertise with Sunset Goons’ innovative design flair.

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Zaffiri Precision Releases The Visually Stunning Serpent Slide For The G19 Gen 3

Zaffiri Precision stands at the forefront of innovation in aftermarket firearm components, specializing in slides, barrels, and accessories tailored for Glock and SIG SAUER enthusiasts. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Zaffiri combines quality, reliability, and affordability in their products, ensuring an optimal experience for end users. A testament to their fusion of technology and aesthetics is evident in the latest offering – the Serpent Slide for the Glock 19 Gen 3.

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Zev Technologies Releases The Limited Edition Echo Slides

In the realm of firearm accessories, Zev Technologies has consistently stood as a symbol of innovation and excellence. Their latest offering, the limited edition Echo slide for the OZ9 and Gen 3 Glock, is no exception. Marrying timeless aesthetics with cutting-edge features, the Zev Echo Slide emerges as a remarkable addition to the firearms landscape, promising enhanced performance and style.

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Simplicity Through Design: Zaffiri Precision Releases The Z Series Slides For The G17 & G19

Zaffiri is best known for its slide designs that are both aesthetically pleasing with clean and aggressive lines. The plans from Zaffiri Precision scream, “I wanna go fast,” as Rick Bobby once famously said. Now, the company is looking to provide a more practical and workhorse design with its new complete slides series. Zaffiri Precision is proud to introduce the new Z series of full uppers for the G17 and G19 Gen 3.


Strike Industries Releases Magwell For G19/23 Gen 5

Strike Industries continues to widen its extensive line of products for your Glock pistol. Recently, the company released a polymer magwell for Glock 19 Gen 5 pistol. The new magwell has a distinctive and minimalist design that Strike Industries is known for. While also not breaking the bank.


Top 5 Compact Pistols For Conceal Carry

When conceal carrying a pistol it will always come down to user preference and performance. Some CCW practitioners prefer a smaller size for greater concealability a la subcompact handguns. The trade off with this type of handgun is that it has more snap to it and reduced magazine capacity.