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You might be scratching your head and asking, “What in the hell is the Gundies?” I was asking the same question when I seen it on The Firearm Blog this morning. For the uninitiated it is essentially a viewer’s choice award ceremony. The firearms community will be awarding who they think are the best within the industry.

The first Gundies award show will be going down at Shot Show 2020. Some sponsors for the Gundies are Brownells, Sig Sauer, Ballistic Advantage, MircoTech and U.S. Elite to name a few. 

The Gundies award show was created by Forge Relations. It was built to shine a spotlight on the top creators and social media influencers within industry. Their is no fancy panel debating and deciding winners it is completely up to the community who wins. 

The first Gundies is broken into two different categories for you to vote on. First, category is Influencer Categories. Those awards are: Most Influential, Influencer Of The Year, Best Outdoorsman, Most Enteraining Content, Most Likely To Survive The Apocalypse, Photographer Of The Year, Best Shooter, and Best Gun Reviewer. 

Second, category is Brand. We have two options to vote on within the Brand category. Your choices are: Most Involved Brand In The Community and Most Innovative Brand of The Year.

That’s about it fam when it comes down to the first annual Gundies. If you want your vote to be heard go ahead and register to cast your vote on all the awards. (Click here to go The Gundies website.) Oh, one last thing for participating you become eligible for prizes given away by all the Gundies sponsors.

What do you think about the community having it’s own awards show? Do you think it is something the industry needed? Was it a good idea? Let us know in the comments below. 

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