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Tag: Shot Show 2020


Surefire Releases Muzzle Device For The Ma Duece

Recently, Surefire official announced the launch of their new muzzle device designed for Browning M2 .50 Cal machine gun. Surefire offers two versions of their new .50 Cal muzzle device. One muzzle device was designed for the military use, while the other was designed for the commercial market.


Discovering Atlas Gunworks And Their Amazing 2011s

Discovering Atlas Gunworks and their amazing products has been an awesome experience. I had never heard of Atlas before shooting their 2011s at Pro Gun Club in Henderson the Day before Shot Show began. Overtime I became to realize Atlas makes the premier 2011s on the market. Period. Read more to find out why.

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Shot Show 2020: Strike Industries Introducing Sentinel Rifles, G19 Frame, Scouter Red Dot, and Much More

Strike Industries always has a wealth of products it releases throughout the year. Last year alone Strike released over 50 new products. Which is amazing when you think about it. Strike’s engineers and designers are always pushing innovation and creating dynamic products. This year is no different with Strike having an assortment of new products it’s bringing to market this year.


Shot Show 2020: Hands-On With The Ruger-57

Warning!: This is my opinion and hands-on impression of the Ruger-57. My time was limited with the pistol to only the show floor. I didn’t have access to Range Day on Monday. So, my impressions are from the multiple times I visited the Ruger’s booth to spend sometime with the pistol.


Giessele Annouces The Super Precision 1-6x SFP Riflescope

Geissele continues to grow their product line extensively over the last couple of years. Geissele has started the manufacturing and production of bolt carrier groups (BCG’s) and barrels. They have added the Special Agent line of products that are parts used to fulfill parts for government agencies, mainly the FBI. Now, Geissele has jumped into the optics market with the Super Precision 1-6x optic.