Nighthawk Custom is highly regraded as one of the best custom 1911 manufacturers in the business. Nighthawk custom 1911’s are famous and respected by competitive shooters and collectors throughout the firearms industry. 

Early this week Nighthawk released their Custom Colt Series 70 1911 pistol which is currently available for purchase. The new Series 70 features several upgrades to the classic Colt. Upgrades in include trigger system, sights, and a match grade 5-inch barrel. In their product description Nighthawk elaborates on improved functionality and aesthetics with the Series 70. Just like any Nighthawk Custom the series 70 is customizable to your needs and wants as a shooter. 

Below is Nighthawk Custom product description and feature list for the Series 70 1911. 

Product Description 

The Nighthawk Custom Colt Series 70 offers several functional and aesthetic upgrades to a timeless classic. We have taken the Colt 1911 Classic model and given it an overhaul. An all-new trigger system has been installed with a match grade, solid short trigger, fully machined disconnector, sear, hammer strut, and pin. The rear sight has been replaced with a fully machined retro sight while the front sight features a Nighthawk Custom 14k gold bead. 

The Colt Series 70 has been outfitted with a retro hammer, Nighthawk Custom beavertail grip safety, mainspring housing, and match barrel bushing. Upgrades such as an ultra hi-cut trigger guard, matching vertical serrations on the front strap and mainspring housing, French border on the slide, and Nighthawk Custom engraved on the dust cover, take an already beautiful firearm to the next level. 

While not offering a slide-to-frame fit, Nighthawk Custom has upgraded the performance of the Colt Series 70 with a full reliability enhancement and action tune. The performance upgrade began with the flattening and polishing of the breech face. The feed ramp was then machined to the proper dimension before being polished. The barrel was throated and polished while the chamber was reamed and polished. The Colt extractor was polished and tunedbefore both the Colt ejector and slide stop were adjusted and tuned. The Colt mag release was also tuned and polished for smoother function. 

A new Nighthawk Custom 17 lb. recoil spring was added, as was a Nighthawk Custom extra power firing pin spring. The mainspring was replaced by a Nighthawk Custom 19 lb. mainspring to complete the action tune. After hand-beveling the edges of the slide, the Colt Series 70 received a custom Smoked Nitride finish to make this pistol a functional work of art.


• Finish: Smoked Nitride

• Government size frame and 5″ barrel

• Fully machined retro rear sight

• Solid gold bead front sight

• Full reliability enhancement and action tune

• Fully Machined disconnector, sear, hammer strut, pin

• Fit and blended NH beavertail grip safety

• NH flat mainspring housing with vertical serrations

• NH match-grade barrel bushing

• Fully machined retro hammer

• French border

• Nighthawk Custom engraved in script on the dust cover

• Vertical serrations on the front strap and mainspring housing

• Crowned barrel flush with bushing

• NH match-grade, solid short trigger

• Nighthawk Custom engraved in script on dust cover

• Completely dehorned for a comfortable carry

Ultra hi-cut front strap

The Nighthawk Custom Custom Colt Series 70 starts at $2,599. If your interested in building one of these Series 70 1911 contact a Nighthawk Custom sales rep or check out Nighthawk Custom website for more. 

Do you own a Nighthawk Custom 1911? If so what are your thoughts on it. Would you buy the new Custom Colt Series 70 pistol? Let us know in the comments below. 

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