Editor’s Note: I know I haven’t covered much gaming content lately. The holidays have just finished up so gaming news and content will start slowly seep in. When that happens I will start to cover gaming content more often.

Square Enix has not officially announced a release of a demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake. As, of now it is a very poorly kept secret if it was. The demo briefly on popped on PSN. While others have been able to acquire unplayable version of the demo’s code through other means. Using it to mine for information about the content within the demo. Now, we have further confirmation that a demo is coming with the reveal of the opening cinematic. 

Opening cinematic is the same one we where introduced to back in the fall of 1997. We are just blessed with a visual overhaul of the classic opening cinematic. We get Arieth with her flowers walking the streets of Midgar. We get Cloud on the train into Midgar station. The whole nine yards render in beautiful visual fidelity. Watching it the update trailer gave me chills. It was pretty dope. You can check out the updated opening cinematic above. 

The Final Fantasy VII Remake hits PS4 March 3, 2020. Look for an update when Square Enix officially releases the demo. 

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