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Recently, Armament Technology has introduced a new brand called SAI Optics. The brand name SAI stands for Speed, Accuracy, and Integrity. The first optic released by the fledging brand is SAI Optics 1-6x24mm LPVO. The new SAI 1-6x features a focal focal plane reticle, a proprietary rapid aiming feature, a VSOR range finder, and 10 illumination settings.

The SAI 1-6x was designed specifically for 5.56 ammunition and has been tested by the team at ATI & Tangent Theta. The manufacturing is conducted by their partners in Japan.

Below, is the information in regards to the brand and new SAI 1-6x24mm LPVO.

Brand Introduction

Armament Technology Inc. (ATI) is very proud to introduce a new Brand and Optic to our current product offerings. The Brand is called SAI™ Optics, (S – Speed, A – Accuracy, I – Integrity) and has been created by ATI to reflect the new series of variable power optics we are currently planning to release.

The SAI™6 1-6x24mm calibrated in 5.56 and is the first in this series, designed and specified by the team at ATI & Tangent Theta but is being manufactured by our partners in Japan.
The SAI™ series of optical sights provide a rugged and versatile solution for a variety of sighting requirements in variable magnification. With a LED-illuminated First Focal Plane reticle, ranging and ballistic hold-off is accurately achieved at any magnification.

For more information click the link in the Instagram bio or for our Facebook friends https://armament .com/sai-optics/

Reticle Description

The purpose of the Rapid Aiming Feature™ is to offer a prominent etched aiming feature that stands out against the target at short rages and uses a known ergo-psychological effect to naturally draw the user’s eye to the center of the field of view.

It is also designed to subtend out of the way at longer range to accommodate ballistic hold-over and windage offset. Because the arms of the Rapid Aiming Feature™ occupy the diagonal quadrants of the field of view, they are thick and prominent enough to stand out against a close-by target, yet they do not disrupt the ballistic or wind hold-offs in the reticle nor do they obscure the target whatsoever at long range.

The resultant effect is that the user can enjoy the benefits of a fast and prominent aiming feature while at the same time have a fine and graduated sighting reference in the center for very precise aiming when necessary.

The new optic from Armament Technology retails at $1,199.99 MSRP. Which puts it in direct competition with Nightforce ATCR 1-8×24 LPVO, at least in price range.

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