Back in early 2019, Daniel Defense released its first ever bolt action with the Daniel Defense Delta 5. In winter of 2019, Daniel Defense added to the Delta 5 lineup with its Accuracy Package. Now, Daniel Defense believes it’s time to add to the family with the Delta 5 Pro. The Delta 5 Pro model is marketed at shooters looking to get into competitive long range shooting game. The Delta 5 Pro is guaranteed to shoot 0.5 MOA groups at 100 yards with match grade ammunition. That’s is according to the extensive research and testing done by Daniel.

The new Delta 5 Pro is available in three calibers: 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308 Win. The new Delta Pro retails at $2,499 MSRP on their website.

Below is the press release from Daniel Defense regarding the addition of the Pro model to the Delta 5 family.

Press Release

Introducing the Delta 5 Pro: If you are interested in long-range performance, look no further than the Delta5 Pro. This firearm is the ultimate package of performance, accuracy, and custom features that are rarely found on a production bolt gun. So, whether you’re a weekend shooter looking to improve your long-range capabilities for the thrill and fun, or a more seasoned competitor looking to improve your current rig; the Delta5 Pro is a firearm that will grow with your capabilities. Guaranteed to shoot sub half MOA and one of the first precision rifles to feature Area 419s ARCA rail, this is a serious competition-ready firearm without the serious competition price tag.

Accuracy. Guaranteed.

GUARANTEED TO SHOOT 0.5 MOA OR BETTER. Talk is cheap—including talk about how accurate a rifle shoots—so we’re putting some real firepower behind our words. All Daniel Defense DELTA 5 PRO rifles are guaranteed to shoot 0.5 MOA or less at 100 yards when used with quality factory match-grade ammunition. Not “should”; not “might.” Guaranteed to. How can we make such a claim? Because we’ve done the work and the testing to back it up. It’s not just talk; it’s not bravado. It’s science backed up by data. Data that says, “If we can do it, so can you.” Guaranteed.

Materials & Construction

• Interchangeable barrel– Forged to contour from a proprietary steel blend with a Cerakote finish. Replace barrels or change calibers with ease thanks to its modularity and proprietary barrel nut.

• Area 419 Hellfire Muzzle Break: Offers the ultimate in recoil reduction and muzzle rise

• Action: Mechanically bedded stainless steel action with integral recoil lug

• Bolt: Three-lug bolt with a 60-degree throw and floating bolt head

• Bolt Knob: 5/16 – 24″ removable bolt knob

• Trigger: Adjustable single stage Timney Elite Hunter with two position safety

• Picatinny Scope Mount: 20 MOA / 5.8 MRAD of elevation with four #10-32 bolts

• Chassis Base: Allows for the mechanical bedding of the action with a metal-on-metal design that protects against change in weather conditions

•Attachment: M-LOK attachment at six positions along forend with one point on bottom of buttstock

•Quick Detach: Ten M-LOK QD sling points

• Integral ARCA Lock (RRS Spec): Continuous along the entire lower portion of rail
BRIDGE: Compatible with an extended pic rail and is compatible with nightvision and thermal optics

• Scalloped Cut: Allows for lower height over bore even with scopes with large objective lenses

• AR-15 Grip Attachment: Interchangeable to accommodate the user’s preference of aftermarket grips

• Ergonomic Thumb Rest: Left / Right adjustability to accommodate the user’s preference

• Adjustable buttstock: Offers length of pull and butt pad height adjustments without the need for tools

• Adjustable Cheek Riser: For preferred height, yah and drift

• Capacity: Ten round PMAG 10 7.62 AC – AICS Short Action magazine included

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