Brugger & Thomet ( currently known as B&T) makes one of the most sought after subcompact weapons systems on the market today. That is for civilian, military, and law enforcement. Last year, B&T defeated five other companies and won the new Subcompact Weapon contract from the US Army. After winning the contract an initial order went in for 350 APC9K Pro submachine guns.

This month the U.S. Air Force purchased 65 B&T APC9Ks with magazines and corresponding spare parts from B&T USA based out of Tampa, Florida. The award of the contract does not specify the configuration of the APC9 that the Air Force will be receiving. The contract for the small batch of B&T APC9Ks are valued at $128,300.

Below is the product description for the APC9. For a little more insight into U.S. Air Force purchase into the weapon system.

Product Description

Compact and lightweight, the standard ACP9 line was designed to meet the demanding needs of modern police, special forces and militaries worldwide. The result of this engineering masterpiece is a small carbine/SMG kitted out with features and accessories ideal for most missions and conditions.

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