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By Drew Bryant
June 28th, 2022,

Ammunition and it’s price has been influx since 2020, due to higher material cost, scarcity, and price hikes. Freedom Munitions is a well-known ammunition manufacturer that produces a combination of new factory ammo and remanufactured ammo for both pistols and rifles. Last week, Freedom announced they where in the process of opening a new 10,000-sq ft facility to increase the company’s manufacturing capabilities. The increased space will allow for Freedom to manufacture ammunition in a wide variety of calibers including 5.56/.223 and .30-06.

The new facility is currently being worked on now and is expected to become operational by the Spring of 2023. Freedom Munitions will be adding 20-30 new positions to help staff the new location.

Below, is a press release from Freedom Munitions announcing their new manufacturing facility.

Press Release

Current rifle ammunition offered by Freedom Munitions is loaded using premium components from well-respected brands. Freedom also remanufacturers ammunition utilizing strict quality protocols and high-tech equipment.

The new plant, located on KASH CA property in downtown Lewiston, Idaho, will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained operators to ensure utmost quality, tolerances and consistency. Each cartridge from Freedom Munitions is USA made and manufactured to SAAMI specifications.

“KASH CA is utilizing our already vast technical expertise to expand into a new line of rifle cartridge cases and projectiles to be able to produce a broader range of top-quality ammunition,” said Daniel Kash, President KASH CA. “As manufacturers continue to struggle with shortages on raw goods, particularly for us- brass cases, we decided to better control the situation by making Freedom Munitions fully capable of manufacturing these items.

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