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Raptor Tactical is a veteran-owned company based out of North Carolina. The company designs and manufactures top of the line tactical gear for military, law enforcement, and self defense. They specialize in plate carriers, belts, slings, and other tactical accessories. Today, Raptor Tactical released their Weld Down EXFIL Jacket. The EXFIL jacket is a lightweight multipurpose jacket designed for special operation, tactical, and survivalist communities.

The EXFIL jacket is a functional yet durable design. The jacket is made from 100% polyester with a goose down filling to keep your body insulated and warm during most cold weather conditions. The EXFIL is also a reversible jacket with reflective orange sleeves that allows for signaling of planes or rescue teams. Also included on the inner jacket panel is morse code and a casevac 9-Line for good measure.

Below, is the product description from Raptor Tactical on their new EXFIL jacket.

Product Description

The Raptor Tactical Welded Down EXFIL jacket is our newest functional and durable apparel. This jacket features shoulder and interior pockets of all sizes, maximizing storage and usage. The inner left side contains a diagram for Morse code, and the inner right has medevac request info imprinted.

Our EXFIL jacket is reversible with reflective orange material on the inner sleeves for signaling aircraft and rescue. The 100% polyester and goose down filling will keep you insulated and sealed from most weather conditions. The seams are also sonically welded, eliminating the need for stitches that can potentially break apart and stops feathers from stubbornly poking through material. Whether you’ll be encountering combat conditions or simply need dependable winter protection, our EXFIL jacket is both a practical and dependable choice.

The new EXFIL is out and available now in Ranger Green and Coyote Brown. The new Raptor Tactical EXFIL retails at $249 MSRP.

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