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By Drew Bryant
May 8th, 2023,

Trigger Tech is known for making some of the best drop-in triggers for ARs in the industry. The trigger company also makes well-received triggers for the Remington 700 bolt action rifle. Trigger Tech is proud to announce its newest drop-in trigger designed for duty use—the AR Duty trigger.

The new AR Duty trigger will feature several models. Users can choose between flat or curved triggers, and both single-stage and two-stage triggers are available. The new Duty lineup will also have versions for the AR-10 and AR-9 models.

Below is the product description for the new line of Duty triggers from Trigger Tech.

Product Description

The design of our new Duty Line was driven by feedback from military and law enforcement operators. They wanted our patented Zero Creep Technology and proven stainless steel internals, but with a more tactile feel. To achieve this, we more than doubled the pull weight and length of the first stage. And after the zero creep break we engineered a much more forceful reset. The result? A totally different feel that offers more certainty with every shot. The Duty Line is TriggerTechs interpretation of what Mil-Spec should be.

The AR Duty line is the latest in TriggerTech triggers that offers robust reliability without compromising performance. Inspired by active MIL / LE Operators these triggers offer a longer take up (on two-stages) and a more forceful reset.

The new Duty triggers are available now on Trigger Tech’s website and retail for $129.99 MSRP. The AR-10 and AR-9 models retail for $139.99. For more on Trigger Tech’s newest offerings, click here.

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