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By Drew Bryant
July 28th, 2023,

Over the last few years, the lever action has gained popularity within the shooting community. That has come because of the modernization of the platform, with manufacturers accommodating optics and red dot mounting into the design. At the same time, companies such as Ranger Point and Midwest Industries have provided stocks and handguards for the lever actions. Now, Rossi is proud to introduce their new R95 lever actions rifles chambered in .30-30 Winchester.

The new R95 lever actions will be available in two different configurations, the 16.5” Trapper Model and the 20” sporting model. Both rifles will feature a hammered forged barrel, optics ready, with a beautiful walnut finish.

Below, is product description from Rossi on the new R95 lever action rifles.

Product Description

It’s 30-30 Time with the Rossi R95

As lever action rifles surge in popularity across the country, Rossi employees kept getting asked one question at every trade show they were at: “when are you bringing a 30-30 to market?” The answer is now with the all new R95, which features a hammer forged barrel, a smooth hand finished lever action, large loading gate, and is drilled and tapped for optics. That’s on top of the walnut finish, 5+1 capacity, and the fact that it’s compatible with rails and handguards that work with another major manufacturer’s lever action.

There’s nothing better than a slick lever action. The feeling of levering a round in the chamber, hearing the mechanical parts working together in concert, the satisfying feeling of the bolt closing – it’s kinetic, it’s aesthetic, and it’s everything you want. Rossi has been feeding those feelings with its pistol caliber rifles for years, and now it’s giving a 30-30, perfect for North American game.

Grab an R95 today and get into the centerfire rifle game with Rossi.


• Hammer Forged Barrel

• Windage Drift-Adjustable Front Sight with Buckhorn Rear Sight

• Compatible with Common Aftermarket Parts

• Drilled and Tapped Scope Mount for Optics (8-40)

• Tube Magazine 5+1 Capacity

• Rubber Recoil Pad

• Hardwood Walnut Finish

• Smooth Hand Finished Lever-Action (Medium Loop)

• Sling Mounts

• Black Oxide Metal Finish

The Rossi R95 lever action rifles are available now at your local gun store and Rossi dealer. The R95 starts at $949. For more on the R95 rifles and Rossi’s other products, click here.

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