At the end of January, Desert Tech announced a conversion kit for their MDRX and MDR bullpup rifles. The conversion kit features a 11.5 inch .223 Wylde barrel and is side eject. The Micron conversion kit gives the rifle an overall length of 23.43 inches and includes a new Micron ForeGrip. Depending on which configuration of the MDRX/MDR various others parts will be needed to convert your rifle.

Below is a short statement for Desert Tech in regards to the Micron Conversion and Micron Handguard

Statement On Micron Conversion Kit

The MDRX Micron is designed for consumers searching for the ultimate concealable personal defense weapon. The Micron conversion kit quickly converts your MDRX rifle into the shortest rifle in the world with an 11.5” barrel. The 23.43” MDRX Micron offers superior ballistics when compared to traditional 5.56 SBR rifles with similar overall length. The Micron’s incredible versatility in close quarter situations makes it the perfect weapon for personal defense because it can go where you go.

About The Micron Handguard

The Micron hand guard was designed to be compatible, stable, and comfortable. The M-Lok slots at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions allow accessories to be mounted. The angled grip and barricade stop allows maximum comfort and control to operators.

Micron converted rifle specs:

• Barrel Length: 11.5”
• Rifle Height: 7.98”
• Rifle Weight: 7.35 lbs
• Rifle Width: 3.17”
• Available Calibers: 5.56/.223 Wylde
• Rifle Length: 23.43”
• Barrel Twist: 1:7
• Reload Speed: 1.3 sec
• Trigger Weight: 4.5 – 6.0 lbs
• Action: Semi Auto

The new conversions kits will range from $589-$1,142.19 MSRP. In a blog post Desert Tech goes into details behind their choices for their Micron conversion kits, check that out here. The kits are available for order now, click the link if you are interested in ordering one.

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