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ATF Seizes Diversified Machine Website

Back in late December ATF raided Detroit-based Diversified Machine and had all their entire inventory seized by federal agents. Diversified Machine is one of several companies that sells Form 1 kits (which is legal). Companies like Diversified Machine are able to do this by selling you the materials necessary to manufacture your own suppressor.

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Red Arrow Weapons Releases The New RAW15

Recently, Red Arrow Weapons released their new rifle the RAW15. Red Arrow Weapons is a firearms manufacturer based out of Virginia and started by renown hunter and outdoorsman Kip Campbell. Mr. Campbell hosts the multi-network TV show Red Arrow. The new RAW15 from Red Arrow features a 16” inch barrel with free floating Handguard, a CMC trigger, an aggressive muzzle device, along with Magpul furniture to round it out.