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Recently, Vortex Optics announced the opening of their amazing new indoor/outdoor shooting complex. Vortex’s new shooting complex is called Vortex Edge. This new range has everything to accommodate new shooters, experience shooters, military and law enforcement professionals. Vortex Edge will be a shooting and training paradise for the masses. I predict it will be a premier range that will host the best and brightest of the industry and shooters from all over will flock to experience what Vortex Edge has to offer.

Vortex Edge is a state-of-the-art training complex located in Wisconsin. The complex is designed for shooters of all skill levels. Housed within the complex is 25 to 100 yard shooting ranges, a massive shoot house, and a outdoor range out to 1,000 yards. The facility also includes ViraTech 300 simulator. The ViraTech 300 simulator is a that gives you real world scenarios for training purposes. So, that could be of a home invasion, a robbery at a convenience store or a shoot-don’t-shoot scenario. As, stated before this amazing shooting complex as something to offer for everyone.

Below is a quick breakdown of what all the various ranges have to offer at Vortex Edge.

Indoor Ranges

25-Yard Indoor Range

• Move anywhere versatility
• Accommodates up to 12 shooters for pistol and rifle training
• Monthly indoor USPSA matches
• Portable bullet traps
• Variable lighting control

50-Yard Indoor Range

• Move anywhere within for live-fire training
• Lateral moving and programmable targets for scenarios
• Action Target Dual Running Man Pro moving targets
• CAPS Simulator enables live-fire, scenario-based training
• Portable bullet traps for versatility
• Monthly indoor USPSA matches
• Variable lighting control

100-Yard Indoor Range

• Bullet trap rated to stop .50 BMG
• Portable bullet traps provide versatile range setup
• Barriers provide opportunities for positional shooting training
• Variable lighting controls enable daytime, low-light and night training

Indoor Shoot House

• 3,400-square-foot modular tactical house
• Contains 100 wall, window and door panels for variety configuration
• Catwalks and integrated video system
• Conduct scenario-based exercises using NLTA ammo
• Variable lighting control
• VirTra 300 Simulator Room
• Houses state-of-the-art VIRTRA 300 interactive video simulator
• Simulates a variety of tactical scenarios
• Simulates support training for law enforcement and private citizens alike

Outdoor Range

• 360-acres property for live-fire exercises
• Long-range out to 1,000 yards and beyond
Covered firing lines
• Natural and artificial structures for positional shooting
• In Motion moving target system

It seems that Vortex put a lot of thought and consideration into this amazing new facility. Giving patrons a massive, versatile, and complex shooting campus for shooting, training, and competition. There is a lot that can be done and accomplished at this range. I see this range becoming a home for National matches for USPSA and The Tactical Games. Only time will tell but, Vortex Edge is one hell of a range. For even more info, please visit

What do you think about Vortex’s new shooting complex? Let us know in the comments below.

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