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Over the past five to ten years it has become more and more difficult for firearms and merchants to have a bank or credit card companies process their transactions. Many financial organizations have either severely restricted or have cut ties with the firearms industry. Overtime this has left the industry in a very precarious situation of figuring out how to conduct business effectively. Stryk Pay is now offering pro-gun friendly means of credit card processing. This new card processing will also be backed by a network of banks that are friendly to the second amendment as well.

Below, is the press release from Stryk Pay and how it plans on assisting the 2A community.

Press Release

Introducing Stryk Pay – Pro-Gun Friendly Credit Card Processing

BOZEMAN, Mont. (May 11, 2021) — Despite the recent surge in firearms sales, the gun business is facing a serious challenge. That challenge is the fact that many “gun unfriendly” banks, financial institutions, and credit card processing businesses have been cancelling their agreements with the gun industry at an alarming rate.

Stryk Group USA – the Bozeman, Montana-based impact consulting company serving several leading hunting, fishing and firearms brands – has developed an innovative solution to the problem – Stryk Pay.

“First it was the Obama Administration’s onerous Operation Chokepoint that was thankfully nullified by the Trump administration.” said Ron Dan, director of sales, Stryk Pay. “Sadly, today it is the Biden Administration – perhaps the most anti-gun administration in history – that has set the tone for financial institutions to simply refuse to do business with legal firearms businesses. They are looking to accomplish this by not processing credit card transactions and not providing other essential services to our dealers and manufacturers. Stryk Pay was created by our company – one staffed from top to bottom with people who are endemic shooters, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts. All with experience in everything from running firearms companies and retail operations for firearms brands to high-risk credit card processing for e-commerce, wholesale and retail companies – as a solution to these discriminatory business practices.”

Key elements of Stryk Pay include:

• It is supported by a network of Second Amendment-friendly banks (redundancy in bank approval to ensure continuity of services.)

• PCI Compliance Level 1 gateway, the highest, most stringent, of the PCI security levels. Top tier security, established in an effort to protect the security of credit card data and cardholder data, in e-commerce transactions as well as in-store
Safeguards for fraud protection and chargebacks.

• Integration with current hardware and point-of-sales systems.

• Reliability and security, while still able to provide cost savings.

• Flexibility in implementation with current hardware, making a change as non-invasive as possible.

• From the initial application to implementation, Stryk Pay has the most tech-forward systems in place to ensure a streamlined process.

• Dedicated USA-based customer service.

“We are equally invested in preserving and supporting the Second Amendment as we are to offering cost savings and processing solutions, regardless of the nature of the transaction,” Dan said. “It’s that simple.”

Stryk Pay is here to help you, protect you and help you grow your company. For more information on Stryk Pay, Click Here or visit

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