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Randy Luth is a titan in the firearms industry. His companies, passion, and advocacy has helped catapult and proliferate the use and adoption of the AR-15 platform in America. His first adventure into the firearms market was manufacturing rifles and rifle parts with his company DPMS. Later, he sold DPMS and founded his new company, Luth-AR.

During his tenure in the firearms community Luth has adamantly and consistently advocated for more gun ownership, competitive shooting, and firearms in all its forms.

Recently, in a open letter published on The Shooting Wire, Luth called for the boycott of the NRA until new leadership takes control. This open letter from Mr. Luth was published last Wednesday after NRA bankruptcy case was dismissed from court. He made his feelings clear from the beginning: Wayne LaPierre Go Away! In his letter Luth goes on to discuss the lsck of leadership, wasting of members money, and ineffective marketing.

Below, is the open letter from Mr. Luth to firearms community asking for our support on boycotting the NRA.

Mr. Luth’s Open Letter

Dear Friends and 2nd Amendment Supporters:

Wayne LaPierre- Go Away!

After watching this train wreck over the last 2 years, it is time for the firearms industry to assist in removing Wayne LaPierre from our beloved NRA.

As the bankruptcy proceedings have confirmed, there is a direct lack of leadership at the Executive level as well as the lackluster Board of Directors.

The members of the NRA donate hard-earned money to support the strongest amendment in the Bill of Rights, that would be the 2nd Amendment, not the 1st. When the NRA executives are living like Kings and Queens at the expense of working members, it is long past the time for removal or retirement of the Royalty.

Just think to the lobbying efforts and Pro-gun efforts that could have been initiated if LaPierre and his sidekicks had not caused the many lawsuits and distress within the NRA. It appears the NRA has paid attorneys close to $100,000,000 on the many lawsuits in the last few years. How can any nonprofit organization be involved in that many lawsuits?

It has become obvious the LaPierre will not step down, so it is time to help him make that decision. I propose that the firearms industry and the members boycott the upcoming annual convention/meeting in Houston over the Labor Day weekend. Exhibitors can boycott by either not attending or not setting up a booth. Members can boycott simply by not attending at all.

This proactive protest will send a strong message and may help LaPierre and his followers to pack their bags and depart. This is the only way to save the NRA, we need new Leadership and new ideas. How can there be 100,000,000-gun owners in America and less than 5 million members? I believe the reason is lack of leadership and marketing.

As a Lifetime member of the NRA and a member of the Hunters Leadership Forum, I have suspended all gifting legacy donations as well as HLF donations, in the meantime, I have donated similar dollars to other pro-gun organizations to help fight the fight.

Once new leadership is installed, I will reinstate my donations and support for the NRA, as I have done for 4 decades.

We need the NRA, but we need new Executive leadership and Board of Directors.

I ask that you stand with me. We CAN and WILL be heard loud and clear. We can right this sinking ship. Begin the Boycott!

-Randy E. Luth

The weight and potential efficacy of this open letter cannot be understated. His calls to boycott the NRA are incredibly important since he is a lifetime member and a large financial contributor to the organization. He asks that we stand in solidarity with him in his efforts and begin the boycott of the NRA.

What do you think about Mr. Luth’s open letter? Let us know in the comments below.

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