Last Friday, Aidan Johnston, Director of Federal Affairs for Gun Owners Of America announced through his Twitter that previous judgement regarding GOA vs. Garland had been vacated by 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 6th Circuit covers Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and Ohio. What this ruling means that bump stocks aren’t machine guns. This is a win for the Second Amendment no matter how you feel about bump stocks at the end of the day.

The battle for bump stocks has been raging every since President Trump executive order on bump stocks. After sometime the ATF put in submission and rebuttal period for the proposed new rule on bump stocks. In March 26, 2019 they where official banned.

Below, is Mr. Johnston statements on the lifting of the ruling and 6th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion.

Press Statement

Today, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated a brilliantly written opinion on bump stocks by a three judge panel of the court. But the fight is not over. Gun Owners of America and Gun Owners Foundation are committed to combating the lawless ATF at every turn in GOA v. Garland. And as the battle continues, GOA will continue to champion the common-sense decision from the appellate panel that a bump stock is not a machine gun.

–Statement by Senior Vice President Erich Pratt – GOA

6th Circuit Court Of Appeals Decision

As, mentioned before no matter what how you feel about bump stocks this decision reversal is essential for our second amendment rights. It is obvious that a bump stock are not functionally and legally a machine gun but, an attachment. The use of a bump stock requires manipulation from the end user in order for the firearm to keep shooting.

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