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For the longest time the process of buying a suppressor has stopped many gun owners for purchasing one. At least that is my belief and my perceived sentiment within the firearms community. No, one wants to wait 10 months or more to get the clearance of their ATF Form 4 to have their suppressor in their hands. It’s ridiculous and utterly frustrating. For many it’s that wait time to have their suppressor released from suppressor purgatory that discourages people from buying suppressors. Now, those wait times will dramatically change with the ATF having the Form 4 for suppressors go to digital submission. One of the suppressor industry heavyweights Silencer Central is ready and prepared to help gun owners make that transition to the digital eforms and away from the paper ATF Form 4.

Silencer Central has been one of the companies Beta testing the Form 4 digitial submission process. This testing been done over the last few years in conjunction with the ATF. With this new digital system the ATF predicts reduced wait times for Form 4 approvals. Silencer Central will be one of the few suppressor companies that will be able to use this digital eform registration,at first.

If you want to buy your suppressor now and wait until the launch of eforms to submit your application, call 1(888)781-8778. As, of right now the ATF is only accepting paper Form 4 from applicants. The new process will begin before the end of December. I have heard scuttlebutt it should be sometime next week.

Below, are the FAQ’s on the new eform application process.

eForms: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Faster? Research suggests that once this process gets rolling, wait times should be reduced from the current 10 month (or more) wait time, to just 60-90 days.

Will paper applications still be available? Yes, you will still have the option to file via paper.

Can I withdrawal my paper application? No, the ATF has requested no withdrawals of paper applications.

If you are interesting in buying a suppressor Silencer Central is a one stop shop for all your suppressor needs. They sell all the popular suppressor brands as well as their popular Banish series that are made in-house. To head over to Silencer Central website, click here.

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