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Recently, Benelli had the pleasure of welcoming 24.7 Hunt to its Social Ambassador Program. What is 24.7 Hunt? The idea and goal behind 24.7 Hunt is to engage with the unconventional outdoorsman and woman with a youthful flair. This approach allows 24.7 Hunt to breathe new energy to the outdoor lifestyle while also spreading the love and appreciation of family, shooting sports, hunting, and outdoor culture. 24.7 Hunt accomplishes this with a family and friends approach to their content on social media. This approach allows 24.7 Hunt to bridge the gap between the generations. This relationship with Benelli will only amplify that message and bring more new shooters into the shooting and outdoorsman communities.

Below, is the press release from Benelli Welcoming 24.7 Hunt to Its Social Ambassador Program.

Press Release

Benelli is thrilled to announce that 24.7 Hunt is now part of the shotgun manufacturer’s Social Ambassador program. Incorporating 24.7Hunt into the Benelli Social Ambassador family is a natural union of passionate waterfowl hunters and a company dedicated to producing shotguns built for the most challenging hunting conditions.

Headed by Ranar Moody, 24.7 Hunt celebrates our diverse hunting community and hunting family experience, focusing on inspiring new and non-conventional outdoors enthusiasts to learn about and enjoy the hunting lifestyle. The “family and friends” approach appears through 24.7Hunt’s short and long-form adventure videos and engaging social media presence. Whether pursuing doves in cornfields or greenheads in flooded timber, the 24.7Hunt crew leads by example that a hunting heritage provides people of all ages with life changing experiences.

“24.7Hunt is a voice for the youth and the unconventional outdoorsman or woman,” said Ranar Moody. “For us, the goal is to make the outdoors interesting for people wanting to dive into the sport while keeping the young generation’s attention. Bringing new energy and a new approach helps spread the love of all things outdoors. We want to do our part in our way to keep the outside open for all people for generations to come. Ducks are our thing, but we enjoy all aspects of hunting and the outdoors. It’s a blessing to be a part of the Benelli family.”

“At Benelli, we never forget the outdoor passions we share with fellow hunters. This way of life we all enjoy depends on recruiting and mentoring the next generation of hunters and shooters,” said Benelli’s Tim Joseph, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. “Ranar and the 24.7Hunt members demonstrate the benefits hunting brings not only to those who grew up in a hunting family but also to anyone willing to give hunting a try. We appreciate their love of the outdoors, the fun they have in the field, and the recruitment of new hunters. We welcome 24.7Hunt into the Benelli family.”

You can follow 24.7 Hunt on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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