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By Drew Bryant
May 9th, 2022,

Over the last few years we have seen a steady incline of inflation through our financial systems here in the U.S. that has left many struggling. That has lead to higher prices everywhere which is painfully evident in firearms industry with the influx of prices. During this time one company, Grey Man Tactical has decided to take a stand against the record inflation. Grey Man has promised not to raise prices on their product lineup and instead decided to cut prices.

Below, is the press release from Grey Man Tactical on the price cuts.

Press Release

In the face of our current global situation, and despite record demand for our products, I have decided to cut our prices simply because I believe someone has to make a stand against this seemingly unstoppable tide of inflation. I have faith that God will provide as he always has, and I want to assure our existing customers and future customers that we are committed to making GMT™ preparedness gear more affordable in a world where we increasingly need to be prepared.” – Paul Capdepon – CEO.

The price drop is site-wide on all RMP™ Series – Vehicle, Backpack, Case + Safe:

• Vehicle Rifle Rack – Rubber Clamps + 15.25X25 RMP™

• #401 Backpack RMP™ Insert – Universal Concealed Carry Package

• 34.75X13RMP™ – Case

• 18.25X23 RMP™ – Safe

Grey Man Tactical™ will not raise prices but stands with the hard-working men and women of this country by providing attainable gear that enables performance of the highest standard, no matter the mission.

Grey Man Tactical lineup of Rigid Molle Panel or RMP short is a great seller and popular within the industry. The RMP allows for a better way to store your gear in a car or truck while still being easily accessible. For more on Grey Man Tactical product line and discounts, click here.

What do you think about the discount Grey Man Tactical is offering? Let us know in the comments below.

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