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By Drew Bryant
May 9th, 2022,


Viridian Weapons Technology is known for making lasers, lights, and light/laser combinations for your rifle or pistol. Recently, the company announced the introduction of their new Viridian Reflex Sights also known as RFX. The new RFX sights from Viridian feature a green dot versus a traditional red dot. Viridian becomes the newest company to provide Red Dot and Green Dot options for its users. Viridian joins the ranks of big industry players such as Trijicon and Holosun who provide both red and green dot options for its users.

The new RFX comes in three different sizes. Each model number corresponds with the relative size of the optic. First, is the RFX15 which features a 17x24mm window and a uses a Shield footprint. Next, is the RFX25 which utilizes a 20x28mm window and uses a Docter footprint. The final optic is the RFX35 that features a 22x26mm window and takes advantage of the popular RMR footprint.


All the new Viridian green dot RFXs feature: a 3 MOA dot, 10 brightness settings (8 visible, 2 nightvision), 2-minute auto shutoff, and INSTANT On activation. Additionally, each RFX features a rear cut-out that acts as backup rear sights to your standard iron sights. Each optic comes with a 7-year warranty and features a waterproof rating of IPX6.

Below, is a statement from Viridian Weapons Technology CEO Brian Hedeen on the new RFX green dot optics.


Eyes see green better, and we’re excited about our reflex sites powered by green dot technology,” said Viridian President and CEO, Brian Hedeen. “As with all Viridian new products, we started from scratch with the design and put features and specs into these offerings to make them standout in a crowded market.


Viridian’s initial foray into the reflex sight market is a strong one. The company is offering an optic for every pistol size, from micro-compact to full size. The Viridian RFX green dot is available now on their website and Amazon. The RFX green dot optics retail for $289.

What do you think of Viridian’s new RFX optics? Do you believe it will be competitive in the market? Let us know in the comments below.

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