By Drew Bryant
October 18, 2022,

Back in the early 2000’s gamers where introduced to a network for gamers and gaming culture called G4. G4 was a network built and designed with capitalize on the growing and ever popular gaming market. The gaming centric network brought us classic shows such as X-Play, Attack Of The Show, and Cheat! The network helped launched the successful career of Olivia Munn and others. Back in 2012, the doors where closed on G4TV after 10 years.

Earlier this year, G4 was giving a revival by Comcast to tap back into multi-billion dollar video game industry. Less than year after its revival G4’s doors are closing again after Comcast has decided to pull the plug on the network.

The story was originally broken by Deadline on Sunday afternoon. Deadline reported that Comcast Spectacor chairman and CEO Dave Scott penned a letter to all employees, saying G4 is being discounted effective immediately.

G4 was officially relaunched on November 16th, 2021. Comcast had a plan to launch the channel in lineups for Verizon Fios, Cox, and Xfinity TV, and to also stream on Philo and collaborate with Twitch on a multi-year promotional and commercial contracts.

The news of G4’s closing comes as a surprise to the employees of the network. G4 host Jirard the Completionist shared that a tweet about the closure of the network from a tweet by Wario64. Jirard wasn’t the only one thrown for a loop on G4’s closure, Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez revealed he was in active contract negotiations with G4 when he discovered the company was closing its doors.

Below, is the letter from CEO Dave Scott to employees on the closure of G4.

CEO Dave Scott Letter To G4 Employees

“Team: As you know, G4 was re-introduced last year to tap into the popularity of gaming,” Scott wrote. “We invested to create the new G4 as an online and TV destination for fans to be entertained, be inspired, and connect with gaming content.

“Over the past several months, we worked hard to generate that interest in G4, but viewership is low and the network has not achieved sustainable financial results. This is certainly not what we hoped for, and, as a result, we have made the very difficult decision to discontinue G4’s operations, effective immediately. I know this is disappointing news, and I’m disappointed, too. I want to thank you and everyone on the G4 team for the hard work and commitment to the network.

“Our human resources team is reaching out to you to provide you with support, discuss other opportunities that may be available, and answer any questions you may have.”

G4 was originally launched back in 2002 and it ended programming at the end of 2012. Bringing gamers memorable video game content and culture for 10 years. A little less than a year after it revival…G4 is again no more.

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