By Drew Bryant
October 18, 2022,

Netflix has recently announced that the company will be testing out a new feature called Profile Transfer. This new feature will allow you to keep all your personal recommendations, viewing history, lists, and your algorithm if you choose to start your own membership. This new feature is geared to people who are using a family or friend’s Netflix account. This is in the midst of the continuing crackdown on account sharing by the streaming provider.

The move is meant to make it easier for people who want their own Netflix account to keep their personalized algorithms. This new feature is also to encourage people to make their own accounts and to stop sharing accounts. Previously, Netflix has stated it’s the company’s goal to reduce the number of shared accounts on its streaming platform.

The new feature from Netflix rolled out yesterday and subscribers will be notified by email when Profile Transfer will become available.

Over the last year or two Netflix has been making moves to solidify subscriptions after financial results indicated slowing revenue and growth. Recently, Netflix has introduced cheaper ad-version of the streaming service for budget conscious consumers. Only time will tell how successful the Profile Transfer will be to Netflix solidifying it’s subscriber base.

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