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By Drew Bryant
December 30th, 2022,

TXC Holsters is well-known within the firearms industry for making premium, well-built concealed carry holsters. WRMFZY is known for being one of the most influential purveyors of firearm culture in popular culture. WRMFZY designs clothing, gear, and accessories that has mass-market appeal. Now, TXC Holsters and WRMFZY are joining forces to bring you an exclusive new print for TXC holsters. The new design by WRMFZY has infused the native northwestern vibes of the Texas desert into TXC’s premium lineup of concealed carry holsters. As always WRMFZY’s signature “Gypsy” logo will be embedded in the exclusive print as well. The exclusive print by TXC and WRMFZY will be available on all current models of TXC holsters.

Below, is the press release on the TXC Holsters and WRMFZY’s exclusive print.

Press Release


The Texas brethren, TXC Holsters and WRMFZY, have collab’d to bring you an exclusive new print. WRMFZY has infused the native southwestern vibes of the Texas desert into our premium lineup of holsters. This impresión especial is sublimated onto sandstone Kydex, resulting in a complimentary interior to the vibrancy of the printed pattern on the outside. Holsters are spec’d with “Blood Red” hardware washers that add additional continuity of pattern across your choice of belt hardware. All our holsters are CAD-designed, pneumatically pressed, and CNC-cut.

Made in Texas.


“Gypsy” Image: YES. She is in there! Please be advised that even though these are machine manufactured with a high degree of precision, the Kydex print is both cuts and placed in the mold by the hands of a hard-working employee in Texas. Also, variations in size, shape, mold, and trim pattern of every holster affect the display of the pattern. We will do our best to ensure every holster has the Gypsy visible, but we cannot guarantee that it won’t rest on a ridge, fold, or curve of the finished holster.

Returns: Limited Edition holsters are available for a short time and are nonrefundable / non-returnable.

Lead Times: All “WRMFZY” holsters are made to order and have extended lead times due to the print needing to be infused onto Kydex before in-house production. These typically have a 5 to 8-week lead time.

The exclusive print by TXC and WRMFZY is a limited edition run by the companies. If you are interested in a holster with this exclusive print I would act fast. The exclusive design drops at 4 pm CST if you are interested.

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